Sunday, February 12, 2006

Lady Jan's New Ceiling Fan!

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My husband Dave was making our bed, because he didn't want to bother me while I was working on the computer.

I know Aw!

But when he flipped the covers and they in turn tangled with the cord pulls on the ceiling fan, and then something went terrible wrong!

The light wouldn't work anymore.

So my husband offered me two choices:
1. Replace the light assembly on the ceiling fan or. . .
2. Replace the whole ceiling fan with a brand new one.

I thought:
1. A light assembly would be cheaper but. . .
2. A new ceiling fan would be better because it would be
A. New, and . . .
B. Quieter than the old one.
The old one that I always disliked because it was noisy, and I also lived it fear of the unbalance clumsy thing would falling smash! On the foot board of the bed and showering me with glass bits, and broken fan.

S-o-o-o. . . .okay I have a very vivid imagination!

But I got a new ceiling fan!

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I snuck up on my husband in action! Click!
As he put the finishing touches on my ceiling fan.

Smile Dave Smile!

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Dave the strong man!
Dave, you are such a Show-off!

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My beautiful, quiet, perfectly balance ceiling fan!
Thank you Dave, I love you!
Now the summers might not be quite so uncomfortable for me, with my hot flashes.


Staci Severns said...

Kudos to Dave for doing such a nifty job in installing the ceiling fan! Did he do it all by himself? Anyway, I love the wooden blades. It just exudes classiness. Is it still working?

Janice Seagraves said...

Hi Staci,

Yes, he did. And it still works just fine.