Sunday, February 26, 2006

Lady Jan Update on Her Young Goth Friend

My daughter and my Young Goth Friend, and our fourteen year old cat Pookey.
My Young Goth Friend and your Lady Jan
My Young Goth Friend had a birthday, so we had an impromptu party with cake and candles and of course presents. I had three gifts for her; a very small fountain, some chocolates, but what she really loved was the double "A" batteries!
An update on My Young Goth Friends SI (self-injury);
She now has been seeing a psychiatrist(a specilalist in SI) for about two or three weeks now, and he changed her meds. Which is good as the old ones weren't working. She also hasn't burned herself in almost a month, and she is limiting the cutting. Which I know still sounds bad but she is only doing it once a week, instead of everyday. And this is progress!
And I told her, "We are going to celebrate the victories as we find them!"


Granny said...

It's great progress and good for her. I read her blog and left a comment. She sounded so sad.

Maybe she's reached a turning point.

Please tell her Happy Birthday for me.

Sarah Elaine said...

Great photos! And happy birthday to your Young Goth Friend.

Sounds like she is making fabulous progress, actually! As someone who has been through counselling (for me, it was an eating disorder), I know these things take time... and lots and lots of "inside work" that no one can see, feel, or do FOR you. Part of the human journey for many of us...

Good on her!

Your support and love for this young woman are an inspiration, too.

Janice said...

Hi Ann and Sarah,

Thank you I will pass on the birthday wishes. And Ann thank you for leaving a comment on her blog, she does need the incouragement. And Sarah your right this will take a lot of time and work, and "inside work" too. She'll probably always have an urge to self-injure when things get rough, I just home she can learn some coping skill so she wont.

Your Lady Jan~