Sunday, November 29, 2015

I Won The Nanowrimo

I just won the National Novel Writers Moth contest. The Nanowrimo. For the tenth year in a row.

And now for the first time anywhere, an (unedited) excerpt of Matrix Crystal Deceiver: 

Steen strolled down the red packed dirt road. It felt good to be outside again and taking in the fresh air. His blond hair lay heavy on his shoulders braded in multi braids that the natives favored. The homespun clothes scratched his tender skin. He crossed the road and stopped to speak to a lovely red head in the front yard of a house.

“Good morning,” he said pleasantly in zeeman, letting himself in the gate. “Are you one of the Namaste daughters?”

She looked up from the rug she was beating and smiled. “Good morning to you too. Yes I am. I’m called Rain. If you’re looking for dad, he just left with my brother to deliver some packages.”

The young woman was very pretty with flawless golden skin, big green eyes and lovely thick strawberry blond hair. “I’m looking for Maya Namaste.”

“Mom is working with my sister-in-law in the building in the backyard.” She jerked her head toward the back.

He glanced to the rear of the house to a small building where a grinding noise was heard, and leaned a little closer to her. “What are they doing?”

“Making jewelry to sell. That’s their new enterprise, since they’re both have experience with jewelry and recently came back from a dig.”

He itched to find out what stones they found. It wouldn’t be matrix crystals, but maybe something semiprecious like amethyst, garnets or…

The rug she was beating, turned with a grunt. With a chill flowing down his back, he found himself looking at a strange creature. It had next to no fur expect for a mane that went all the way down its spine. Its eyes were close together and tusks poked out of its mouth. It snuffled at him and very slowly got up with a cross between a growl and a snort.

“Be still, Piggy Boy.” She looked up at him. “By the way, I never asked your name.”

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Finally a Vacation

Hubby and I are enjoying Morro Bay, California. Of course, I took my camera. I got some great shots of Morro Rock, ships, birds and the sand dunes.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

Our old cat Ninja. My daughter put a witch hat on her head and she went limp.

Happy Halloween

Eat lots of candy

Friday, October 16, 2015

Grasshopper Invasion

My tomatoes have had a profusion of green growth, unfortunately its being eaten away by grasshoppers.

Grass hoppers!!!

I had to fetch my garden gloves and wade into the raised garden bed and try to kill those suckers. I don't mind peeling off tomato horned worms, but grasshopper?

Ick! They look like creatures from another planet, and ready to hop away or take me on.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Things That Go Bump In The Night

Hundred year old farm house we rented for 25 years

We have moved out of the hundred year old haunted house into a modern nine years new home as of three months ago.

Our first home purchase. We're were and still are very happy.

No more wood floors, no more squeaking doors, or weird noises at night. 

Or so I thought. 

In a new home, I would be safe from things that squeak and creak, chitter and slither, and generally disturb my rest. 

Then one night it happened, something in my master bath let out a slow creak. 

And I spent the rest of the night with my eyes wide open in the dark.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Lunar Eclipse From California

This was the best photo of the three I took last night of the lunar eclipse as seen from my backyard here in the Central Valley of California.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Werecat Love

My newest project is a werecat story, Werecat Love, which will be published into the Entice me Anthology.
Its set to publish on October 10, 2015

Friday, August 28, 2015

Getting Used to Garbage day

Woke up at six this morning with my little dog making little woofing noises. Like she way saying, I hear a noise and I'm not sure if I should alert you, but it is a concern to me.

I listened and heard a big truck. What would a big truck be doing in the neighborhood this early?


I tore off through the house and out the door, still in my PJ's and my hair frizzed and standing out from my head. I must of looked like the wild woman of Borneo. I rolled out the garbage cans and set them along the curb in front of our house.

The garbageman slowed and watched my antics for a moment then turned the corner and went on.

Shoot! I must be too late. This is the sixth garbage day since we moved into the new house and we're still getting use the routines of the neighborhood, including garbage day pick-up.

Sighing, I went inside to make a cup of tea and wash dishes.

A couple of minutes later I heard the truck again, sounding like it was right out front.

Yes. *fist pump*

He must have been doing one side then came back to do the other.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Blinded by the Light

Hubby was so proud of himself. He spend $160.00 on new light bulbs, since our PG&E was high, to save money.

After he installed the new bulbs, he takes us into the bathroom and said look what I did, then he turns the light on instantly searing our eyeballs.

SIL stumbles out of the room. "Jesus. I think I now know what Moses saw on the mountain."

My eyes had a blurry spot on them for an hour.

I couldn't write and had to do something else for a while until they cleared up.

 "Oh, and good for you, dear. Good work," I said while I keep my eyes cast down so I don't go blind.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Back Pain

My back hurt really bad yesterday. I moved some boxes and it went out again. It was one of those can't walk, lie down or breath without it hurting backaches. And hubby and I had some errands to run. Thank goodness my husband drove, because I don't think I could. I had to hang onto my husband's arm just to walk.

Uh, pain.

After the last errand, hubby wanted to get us both a smoothly at the mall. I suggest we have a massage while we're there, maybe it'll help my back.
Well, we couldn't find them. The massage place had been replaced by massage chairs. So I had a massage in one for five dollars. My husband went shopping while I tried to relax. He talked to the store clerk and she told him where the massage people moved to. OMG, we walked right past them.
*eye roll*

So both of us had a massage. I told my masseuse where it hurt and he did his best. Still hurt when he was done, but I was more relaxed and he did get some places to slip back in. This morning my husband wanted me to bend down and look at a patch of wood in the knee hole of my desk that had gotten pushed out. I thought I'd do something bad to my back, but instead bending down was the best thing I could do. 

The spot on my back that had been giving me fits slipped right back into place as easy as you please.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Project Finally Finished.

It's been a lot time since I started this project, but I finally finished painting around the windows in the dinning room.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My walks through the orchard

I take walks twice a day though the orchards around my house.
This is one of my walking areas earlier this month.

The trees are full of leaves now and give a nice shade.

I can't imagine a prettier place to walk.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sprinkles and Petals.

Last weekend in the Central Valley of California, it's sprinkling.

The almond trees are blooming and some of the petals are on the ground looking a bit like snow. Birds are singing and looking for a mate.

It all makes me feel a bit sleepy.

Hubby is still in bed but he's going to work tonight (graveyard shift), and I still feel like snuggling up with him before he has to leave.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Carvings From a Tailgate Sale

Hubby and a co-worker went to the tailgate sale, which is now located at the fairgrounds.

He bought me these three wood carvings to show that he was thinking of me the whole time.

The two big ones are dolphins. The little one is a whale.

I love them, but they also make me a little sad too. Hubby bought all three for three dollars. I also carve and wonder what my carvings will be worth in a few years.


Sunday, January 04, 2015

Ice Cold Tomato

Our cat, Freya. Photo owned by Janice Seagraves.

My husband got up early to let the dogs out, he picked up the cat, Freya, and stuck her under his bathrobe.

He looked at my tomatoes, now dried up husks, and in the middle of the withered leaves he spotted a bright shinny yellow pear tomato.

Hurrying over to pick the tomato, he then tossed it into his mouth. Startled by the ice cold fruit, he jogged in place.

Freya losing her place in his warm bathrobe, dug her claws in.

Inside, snuggled in my nice cozy bed, I wondered about the yelling was outside. I shrugged and went back to sleep.