Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Monday, October 30, 2006

Lady Jan's Husband has a birthday!

My husband Dave as he clowns around with our daughter on her first day of high school.
Dave all dressed up.
My daughter is grabing her daddy's beak!
My Mr. Fis it actually fixing something?
He was installing a new ceiling fan after he had tried to make the bed and only managed to flip the covers so hight that it snagged on the old ceiling fan and broke it. But I got a new quieter one so I can't complain.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Lady Jan's Blog anniversery!

My blog anniversery was a few days ago, and I forgot to check when it was, so I'm late again. Oh dear!

My very first posting was October 21, 2004 so this blog my first one blog is two years old.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Lady Jan's dog has a birthday!

Okay yeah, that sounds dumb doesn't it?

No, I'm not one of those blogger that celebrate their pets birthday on their blog, but this is a mile stone birthday of sorts for our old dog!

This is our Dog Mitzi and she's nineteen!

That's gosh darn old for a doggie!

Well as of yesterday October 23, but my phone lines where acting flunky so I couldn't blog last night like I would have done to post this.

So here I'm doing it a day late, but shh don't tell her I forgot. But then again she probably doesn't know she is that old anyway? And the neat this is we have had her since she was six weeks old puppy, and she is a cocker spaniel in case you were wondering.

She has had her health problems though; she had a breast removed because she had breast cancer, and she got lost one time being let out to go potty and couldn't find her way back for six days with us going nuts trying to find her. Then she shows up and my mom's house and she had gotten bitten on the face by a coyote! She had a big hole in her face, that took a while to heal up and you could see the membrane in her sinuses through it. And one of her eyes slowly shrunk from the bite from the top tooth, and the eye might be MIA now because I'm too chicken to look for it.

Other than that she has trouble getting around because she had arthritis in her hips, and we have to carry her down the steps so she can go outside and go potty. At least she doesn't wonder off now. And she also cannot get up and get all comfortable on my furniture like she use to, like in this photo that was taken a while ago.

So Happy nineteen Mitzi, you are the oldest pet that I have ever had.

(Well unless you count the tortise I had as a child, and no telling how old he was.)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Quiz: What's Your Kissing Style?

Here's a fun Quiz if you ever wondered what your kissing style was like.

Here's Lady Jan's results:

You're a born romantic.

The great thing about being inherently romantic is that you actually enjoy kissing, according to William Cane, the New York City-based author of The Art of Kissing (St. Martin's Press) and the brain behind www.kissing.com. "Romantics are very lucky. For them, kissing provides a tender, wonderful way to stay connected with their partner. They have a natural instinct to kiss as a way to communicate love and affection. By reaching out in that manner, they continually strengthen the bond with their significant other," says Cane. Seeking out opportunities to express their fondness is second-nature to romantics, and their relationships tend to benefit.
One caveat, notes Cane: No matter how lovely, all that sweetness can get a little, well, boring. Even for you, the luckiest of lovers, variety is the spice of life. Surprise your mate with a different MO now and then. Act playfully aggressive, as in, "I want you to kiss me right here, right now!" Or act bashful by averting your gaze and requiring a healthy dose of coaxing.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Kitty in Lady Jan's Computer Credenza

My daughter's silly cat has found a way into my desk or credenza if you prefer.
and she thought herself so clever she was purring up a storm.
Hi there! Purrrrr! I see you Purrrr!
Ugh, tight fit!
I have a cat next to my mouse?
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Friday, October 13, 2006

Hissey the unhappy Owl

This is Hissey the un-happy Owl.
I heard a knock on my door at 3:30 in the morning
and didn't answer it.
Would you?
I live two miles out of town and my husband is works at night,
and I'm alone all night with my daughter.
So no I didn't open the door, but the knock did wake me up, and I thought if they really mean it they'll knock again. And they didn't.
The next day my husband came home at a quarter of seven as my daughter was just finishing getting ready for school. And he told us that there was a hurt owl in the yard, and he wanted our daughter's help catching it. And they did manage to round the owl up in a pet carrier that we have. I named it Hissey because it hissed like a tea kettle when my almost nineteen year old dog smelled around the carrier.
My husband was all for taking care of the owl and I said "no it an wild animal you can't make a pet out of it! You need to take it to the animal shelter, and they'll know what to do with it and know who to call."
Well, my husband came back up-set, Hissey came to a un-happy end, he was put down by the animal shelter because his wing was broken back past the shoulder and he never be able to fly again.
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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Now for two blond jokes

Why do blond women have bruised navels?
Because blond men are dumb too.
Two blonds walk into a building--
You'd think one would have seen it coming?

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Lady Jan's daughter fit!

I didn't mention this earlier but my daughter is off the tennis team, she couldn't move fast enough for the coach. She had gotten sick with a nasty bug, had barley covered then was back trying to run laps and trying hard just to hit the damn ball. SO he dropped her from the team--so we are calling it a bad fit (ha ha I had you going there didn't I?). But my husband read an article that stated that the coach was bad mouthing his players, so who had a fit?

So now she is a member of two clubs, a school club that is managed and supervised by a teacher, and that's the Karate club and I'm so excited to announce that my daughter has just been made treasure--now that is a good fit indeed!

The other club is one some students on there own started, and it is the Naruto fan club. Naruto (if I am spelling it right?) is a very clean Japanese animae cartoon that runs on a cable net work, and the kids are fans of course. Tonight's meeting involved meeting at round table pizza, then going to some place to play computer games that was just down the block. It actually just sounds like an excuse and hang out to me. But the kids seems nice enough at least.

But at least it's another good fit for my daughter.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Young Goth Friend and Boy Friend!

YGF has got a boy friend, and has given me permission to post their picture together.
So here is YGF (Young Goth friend)and her boy Friend (or BF) G. Or I guess BFG (to be more confusing).
Say hello everybody!
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