Friday, November 26, 2004

Lady Jan gives thanks

I would like to give thanks, for all that I have and all that whom I love:

I give thanks to to God for;
My husband--for being there for me, when things get rough, and being the soul bread winner, and that must be tuff.
My beautiful daughter--who is sweet and funny, with a quirky personality, that I love so much.
My Mom--who is always ready to help, even tho she is not physically able to anymore.
My step-dad--so my Mom's not alone. I love him too, He's very sweet.
My brother--even tho I only speak to him a few times a year, and that he has beat the odds and survived the leukemia that treatened to take his life thirteen years ago!
My Nephew--I love him like he is mine own son, and I wish only the best for him.

And I am Thankful for the roof over my head, having enough food to eat, so I never have to go hungry exempt if I am on a diet.
And having enough money to pay our bills.
And that we are in good health.

Now The Biggie; I am not only Thankful, but also grateful!
That my only sister Deanna, is still alive!
She has Leukemia, and it's been a year this month November, that she had her bone marrow transplant! We are still waiting to hear about the last test, a bone marrow biopsy. I pray that it's good news.

I just heard on Saturday! Hurray! The bone marrow was okay!

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Lady Jan's Celtic Brass rubbing

Celtic Brass rubbing Posted by Hello
When we went to the Renaissance festival today!
Kearney Park Renaissance Festival, November 13 & 14 2004.
I noticed that they had brass rubbings, and black paper,
out in this little booth!
There was all kinds of things to do rubbing on;
a unicorns, a dragon, a lion, several knights, and ladies.
But, I wanted to do this one Celtic circle.
It was free, as a cultural thing for the kids,
and kids at heart to do.
Nice isn't it?

Lady Jan has a crown

I just went to a Renaissance festival celebration today, in Kearney park Fresno. Well, really is closer to Kermen, then Fresno.
My husband, my daughter, and I had a great time watching jugglers and performers, and there was a joust too. A mysterious black knight on a black horse showed up, to challenge the King's favorite! But the King's favorite won the day!
Afterwards we toured the booths, and had a bite to eat. My husband insisted on buying me a beautiful velvet cloak, because it was cold today. I finally decided on a small crown for myself, it more a head band really. I'm still wearing it, as I'm writing this! It has three large fake garnets on it, and the entire thing has entwined vines around it. The lady that sold it to me said it was Celtic, and then asked it I knew what Celtic was?
I thought that was rather funny! I was wearing four Celtic rings, and was carrying a Celtic carrying bag. Humph! Of course I know what Celtic is. Of course I know who they are, or were! I told her it was part of my study! I loved the Celtic knots, and entwined styles of those creative people. I love it, that there are people who devote their lives, to keep the Celtic styles, and culture alive! I also very much enjoy the Renaissance festivals, that we have to keep up this our culture.
Oh, and my husband didn't get left out! I bought my him a dager, it had the Batman sybol all over it! He loves Batman, and he has been known to answer the phone by saying "Batman here!" And my daughter got a few small things for herself too.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Lady Jan is really a Lady!

Sir John Segrave Posted by Hello
See Lady Jan is a lady!
Here is my serveral great-Grandfather Sir John Seagrave!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Post Voting Blaaass!

Well, Bush won again! If anyone was surprised by this please raise your hand!
I just hope that he doesn't start WWIII!
I have a friend who's son just joined up! I hope he doesn't come home in a pine box!

I love my country, at events where they play our national anthem, and I have my hand over my heart, and my head is high with great dignity.
My Dad told me all of his life(he's gone now), "This here, is the greatest country on the planet! People are dying--just to get here! Be proud of who you are! And be proud of being an American!" I believed him and still do!

Long live America! Long live liberty!

I just hope Bush doesn't take our liberty away from us, because he's trying to protect the 'public' from 'terrorism'!

And that's all I got to say on the matter!

Monday, November 01, 2004

Halloween--is over! And--tomorrow--we Vote.

Well my daughter is better. And we went trick or treating yesterday, and had a lot of fun. I made my daughter wear a hat with the Cat ears on top, and wear a knitted poncho over her Cat out-fit. And then I used my eye liner, and some black lip stick to give her a cat face, and she looked pretty good, too! Then she put on those big paws house slippers, and she had the pants with the tail sewn on. My daughter actually sewed it on herself, and did a good job.
She got a lot of compliments on her out-fit too!

We went to a new housing development, there's a lot of those going up here in Madera. And we had to walk a long way, because there wasn't very many house with people living in them as yet. And a lot of empty areas in-between. We both got exercise, and my daughter got candy. I got to look at a lot of good looking houses.

I get my fix that way! I'm a closet house voyeur.

Now that Halloween is over I have to get down, and put away all my decorations. Then I have to find all my Turkey day stuff and put that out.

Now I got to start thinking about Thanksgiving! Nuts!

Tomorrow is voting Day! Lets get our voices heard the American way! Get out there and Vote! That way, you have the right to gripe!