Saturday, November 13, 2004

Lady Jan has a crown

I just went to a Renaissance festival celebration today, in Kearney park Fresno. Well, really is closer to Kermen, then Fresno.
My husband, my daughter, and I had a great time watching jugglers and performers, and there was a joust too. A mysterious black knight on a black horse showed up, to challenge the King's favorite! But the King's favorite won the day!
Afterwards we toured the booths, and had a bite to eat. My husband insisted on buying me a beautiful velvet cloak, because it was cold today. I finally decided on a small crown for myself, it more a head band really. I'm still wearing it, as I'm writing this! It has three large fake garnets on it, and the entire thing has entwined vines around it. The lady that sold it to me said it was Celtic, and then asked it I knew what Celtic was?
I thought that was rather funny! I was wearing four Celtic rings, and was carrying a Celtic carrying bag. Humph! Of course I know what Celtic is. Of course I know who they are, or were! I told her it was part of my study! I loved the Celtic knots, and entwined styles of those creative people. I love it, that there are people who devote their lives, to keep the Celtic styles, and culture alive! I also very much enjoy the Renaissance festivals, that we have to keep up this our culture.
Oh, and my husband didn't get left out! I bought my him a dager, it had the Batman sybol all over it! He loves Batman, and he has been known to answer the phone by saying "Batman here!" And my daughter got a few small things for herself too.


Anonymous said...

The rennaisance fairs are fun :) We have them here in Ohio too. I love celtic art and have drawn and painted celtic knot designs. I have several celtic murals in my home..and I have several crowns haha
Peace is better than the alternative
Empress Jan

Janice said...

Hello Empress Jan,

Yes, I too love celtic art, and ren-fairs, and we are lucky to have four with-in a short driving distance from our home.

This crown I spoke of here, is the first one that I have ever bought for myself.

I'm glad to met someone who has more than one!

Lady Jan