Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Lady Jan's Blooming Pictures

The Almond blossoms have have all popped like popcorn with the spring like warmth, but before the storm that rolled in can reek havock and tore loose all the beautiful blossoms I took it upon myself to record their beauty for you before they are gone again. Here a country house that's framed by the snowy white blossoms of the neighboring almond trees.
A face in the clouds.
Can you see it?
My view as I drive my daughter to school.
It beautiful, but it's only there for a few days then it gone again till next year.
Killer Bees. . . . . .Okay I'm just joking.
Behold--Bee boxes without which there be no almonds to munch.
A creamy white row of blooms.
A whole almond tree.
Blooming branch against a stormy sky.
Too pretty to resist a close-up!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Lady Jan's daughter steps up!

I'm claiming some braging right here!

My daughter had a dance at school receintly and I didn't get a picture of her in her out-fit--darn it! But when the hired DJ kept playing rap my daughter Sarah stepped up and told the DJs off saying, "Rap sucks! Nobody is going to dance to rap! Play my CD and the kids will dance to it!"

The CD she handed to them to play was the movied sound track to Madagascar,
Artist: Erick Morillo and Sacha Baron Cohen
CD: Madagascar, 2004 movie soundtrack

Or you can download the track from iTunes... search for Madagascar.

and the first song was the one called I Like to Move It, Move It, Move It. And when the song got to the part where he shouts "I've got to. . . .Move It!" All the kids ran out to the middle of the room and started dancing!

I thought this was just great when she told me she did this! Real gutsy! I would never have had the nerve to do something like that--not at fourteen.

But--I'm glad she can!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Lady Jan Update on Her Young Goth Friend

My daughter and my Young Goth Friend, and our fourteen year old cat Pookey.
My Young Goth Friend and your Lady Jan
My Young Goth Friend had a birthday, so we had an impromptu party with cake and candles and of course presents. I had three gifts for her; a very small fountain, some chocolates, but what she really loved was the double "A" batteries!
An update on My Young Goth Friends SI (self-injury);
She now has been seeing a psychiatrist(a specilalist in SI) for about two or three weeks now, and he changed her meds. Which is good as the old ones weren't working. She also hasn't burned herself in almost a month, and she is limiting the cutting. Which I know still sounds bad but she is only doing it once a week, instead of everyday. And this is progress!
And I told her, "We are going to celebrate the victories as we find them!"

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

E-mail on protecting people from dangerous toxic chemicals.

Hi Janice,

Last week U.S. Rep. Hilda Solis (El Monte) introduced legislation that
would protect people from dangerous toxic chemicals.

The bill would allow the U.S. to take part in an international treaty
to phase out the most harmful chemicals linked to birth defects and
learning disabilities. The bill would also protect California's right to
pass stronger protections against toxic chemicals if the federal
government fails to act.

Please take a moment to ask your representative to show strong
California leadership and cosponsor this bill. Then ask your friends and family
to help by forwarding this email to them.

To take action, click on this link or paste it into your web browser:



U.S. Rep. Hilda Solis (El Monte) has taken an important step in
protecting people's health worldwide from some of the most harmful toxic
chemicals by introducing H.R. 4800.

This bill would allow the United States to implement an international
treaty, the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants
(POPs), which is aimed at eliminating or restricting a small number of the
most dangerous contaminants. POPs are toxic chemicals that build up in
our bodies and persist in the environment for a long time. Many POPs
may cause developmental problems like learning disabilities and birth

The bill includes three main provisions:
* Requires the Environmental Protection Agency to decide whether or not
to regulate new chemicals added to the treaty in a timely fashion;
* Does not prohibit states from further protecting their citizens from
dangerous toxics when the EPA fails to act; and
* Uses a health-based scientific standard when making decisions about
regulating chemicals added to the treaty.

Other proposals on the table fail to do these three simple things.
Showing strong California support on Congresswoman Solis' bill will help
the legislation move forward to further protect public health from toxic

Most recently, Environment California led the successful fight to ban
toxic flame retardants from consumer products like couches and fabrics.
California was the first state to act on this issue and set an
important precedent.

Please take a moment to ask your representative to show strong
California leadership and cosponsor this bill. Then ask your friends and family
to help by forwarding this email to them.

To take action, click on this link or paste it into your web browser:


Dan Jacobson
Environment California Legislative Director

P.S. Thanks again for your support. Please feel free to share this
e-mail with your family and friends.


Monday, February 20, 2006

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Lady Jan says "Yuck! Ick! Phut, Phut, Phut!"

My husband hadn't touched his giant Mr. Good bar, and I had to open my big mouth and say "Are you ever gonna get that?" And he said "You can have it."

I held off a couple of days and today I didn't feel good and I was tired, and thought I need a chocolate fix. So I got into his candy bar and I was watching Reba and it was funny. Before I knew it I had ate about half the candy bar, and I looked down then noticed the candy bar was crawling with worms!

WORMS! Yuck! Ick! Phut, phut, phut!

Say it with me, "EW!"

I had wondered why there was chocolate gravel in the wrapper! The worms were after the peanuts in the candy bar, and they were the kind that turn into small moths that get into your stuff in your pantry.

Now I have a tummy ache!

Friday, February 17, 2006

How Lady Jan Celebrated Valentines

I bought my parents a large heart box of chocoates each, because my step-dad loves chocolates as much as my mom.

For my daughter I bought a small heart box of candy, a card, a heart pillow, and a wish pearl I bought from e-bay. Her wish pearl was peach which is means good health, and that is always good!

For my Goth friend I bought a small heart box of candy, and a puffy red glass heart choker I bought off e-bay. It finally came today.

For my husband I bought a Snoopy card, a snoopy stuffed doll, and a Mr. Good bar the last which I think is self explanatory.

I was given by my loving family; a diamond heart necklace from my husband, and my daughter gave me a great big heart tin with two layer of chocolates. Yum!

And tomorrow we are going to go to Red Lobster for a belated valentine's dinner, and yes for lobster! Another yum!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Lady Jan Wishes you a Happy Valentines day!

Yahoo! Avatars

Happy Valentines everybody!

Lady Jan almost got on TV with this Letter!

I wrote this letter for a contest for channel 26 kmph news two years ago, and almost got interviewed for Valintines Day! But then my daughter got sick and started throwing up, and I had to cancel! My daughter felt guilty, but I told her she was a whole lot more important than being on TV!

Anyway here's my Letter!:

to: Great Day KMPH Ch. 26 News
5111 E. McKinley Ave.
Fresno Ca 93637

Contest: Secrets to a long lasting relationship.

Dear Great Day,

I and my husband have--in December-celebrated our twenty-fourth (26 years now!) wedding anniversary, so at almost a quarter of a century of marriage, I think I qualify to give some advice. So here it goes:

1. Communication is very important in a marriage--so keep talking (no nagging), even if he fakes being asleep. Some of it is bound to be getting through.

2. Don’t hold a grudge-chances are very good that he doesn’t remember what he did wrong anyway.

3. Learn to cook food he really likes--it’s true that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It is also true that when you’re on a diet, your husband probably doesn’t want to be on one too.

4. Hold hands--we still do. This is a great way to say “Yep, this is my guy, (or gal) and I’m not embarrassed to be seen in public with you.”

5. Date your spouse (or the one you’re with)--and call it a date. It really does keep the relationship fresh. This is my husband’s idea from the start of our marriage, and it’s a good one, all these’s years later we are still dating. And sometimes when we go some place special or romantic, I still get that tingle, and my husband says he does too.

You have my permission to use this on your show, thank you.

Sincerely, Janice

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Lady Jan's New Ceiling Fan!

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My husband Dave was making our bed, because he didn't want to bother me while I was working on the computer.

I know Aw!

But when he flipped the covers and they in turn tangled with the cord pulls on the ceiling fan, and then something went terrible wrong!

The light wouldn't work anymore.

So my husband offered me two choices:
1. Replace the light assembly on the ceiling fan or. . .
2. Replace the whole ceiling fan with a brand new one.

I thought:
1. A light assembly would be cheaper but. . .
2. A new ceiling fan would be better because it would be
A. New, and . . .
B. Quieter than the old one.
The old one that I always disliked because it was noisy, and I also lived it fear of the unbalance clumsy thing would falling smash! On the foot board of the bed and showering me with glass bits, and broken fan.

S-o-o-o. . . .okay I have a very vivid imagination!

But I got a new ceiling fan!

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I snuck up on my husband in action! Click!
As he put the finishing touches on my ceiling fan.

Smile Dave Smile!

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Dave the strong man!
Dave, you are such a Show-off!

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My beautiful, quiet, perfectly balance ceiling fan!
Thank you Dave, I love you!
Now the summers might not be quite so uncomfortable for me, with my hot flashes.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Lady Jan's Cartoon Blog

I've added seven more cartoons to my Cartoon Blog!

Check it out!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Lady Jan we had an odd 24 hours

We had an odd last 24 hours:

I got woke by the phone ringing at 4:00 in the morning. It rang and rang waking me from a very deep sleep, and when I woke up it had stopped. We have caller ID so I checked to see who it was that called ( I was worried it was a family emergency of some sort). And the caller ID didn't show that anyone had called. So I got woke up for nothing.

Then my
young Goth friend Called me to tell me her little finch that we helped her get--was dead. Death by ceiling fan as a matter of fact. Her dad has since gotten her a parakeet for a replacement pet.

Then my daughter called to be picked up early from school, and she sounded shaky on the phone. After I picked her up and after we past the half way point to our house, she told me that she had been in a fight at school. Just a quick fight behind the bathrooms and no one saw, but it was unsettling just the same.

Then today my daughter called again at 10:30 feeling sick to her stomach, and wanting to came home. Nerves I thought from the fight yesterday, but then she threw up, so maybe not.

Lady Jan on The day was just too Beautiful!

The last two days have been wonderfully warm about 70, and way too nice yesterday to stay home and do work! So we played hookie on the chores, and I filled up the car with gas and drove around out in the country, and I took some pictures of the Madera County country side(west side).

The Belou house
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A country house. Notice the mountains in the background?

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A funny face we saw!

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I had a little problem with the down load, but here they are.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Lady Jan--More On The Home Front

My daughter finally over the flu and went back to school today, but now has a mountain of homework and make-up homework today. But she is determined to finished it all.

young Goth friend come over again to help me with more house work, and amazingly we are getting things in some kind of order. Tomorrow more raking of leaves alas.

I got the income tax done today, and we are going to have a couple nice checks. My husband has very graciously going to let me have both checks to do with as I please. Which is very generous of him. And it pleases me to pay off a couple of bills.

And an update on my Goth friend; she did yet more burning on her arm which I doctored today, and I think some of it is infected. So once again I talked to her about stopping this self-injury stuff, and respecting her body. Not in that way of course. Cross your finger and pray for her please, as she said she'd make a real effort to try to stop!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Lady Jan On What They Really Mean Is--

I saw the link to this incident on Tina's blog, I did a little of WHAT THEY REALLY MEAN IS-- when I posted a comment. I couldn't resisted as they just left too much unsaid.

Museum visitor trips, breaks Chinese vases
-WHAT THEY REALLY MEAN IS--A stupid clumsy oalf strips over his own two feet, and takes out three very valuable Chinese vases.

CAMBRIDGE, England (AP) -- A museum visitor shattered three Qing dynasty Chinese vases when he tripped on his shoelace, stumbled down a stairway and brought the vases crashing to the floor, officials said Monday.

The three vases, dating from the late 17th or early 18th century, had been donated to The Fitzwilliam Museum in the university city of Cambridge in 1948, and were among its best-known artifacts. They had been sitting proudly on the window sill beside the staircase for 40 years.
WHAT THEY REALLY MEAN IS- The Museum was too cheap to make a display case just for the vases after all these years.

"It was a most unfortunate and regrettable accident, but we are glad that the visitor involved was able to leave the museum unharmed," said Duncan Robinson, the Fitzwilliam's director.
WHAT THEY REALLY MEAN IS-- Next on the six o'clock news; a man was discovered unconscious behind the museum today, with an untied shoe stuffed in his mouth.

The museum declined to identify the man who had tripped on a loose shoelace Wednesday.
WHAT THEY REALLY MEAN IS-- They know who he is and his picture has been memorized by all the guards! And people with untied shoelaces will no longer be allowed to enter the museum.

Asked about the porcelain vases, Margaret Greeves, the museum's assistant director, said: "They are in very, very small pieces, but we are determined to put them back together."
WHAT THEY REALLY MEAN IS-- We got our best geeks on it, with microscopes and real tiny tooth picks and eety-bity bottles of glue.

The museum declined to say what the vases were worth.
WHAT THEY REALLY MEAN IS--They were too cheap to have them appraised.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Lady Jan's Friend Wants Some Advice

My Young Goth Friend would like to ask some advice from anyone who would like to leave a comment here.

My friend has a problem, a big problem; she when she get depressed she er. . .cuts herself, or burns herself. This is called
Self-Injury or Self-Mutilation and is a very serious problem. And yes her dad is trying to get her a good doctor, and she has been to a specialist.

Here's the question: what can she do to replace this self-distructive behavior?
Please post your answers here, or on her blog that I have set a link to above, and there is another link to the side of my blog.

Thank you.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Lady Jan on my cartoon blog

I found some more of my old cartoons, so I added two of them to my cartoon blog. And I will add more later on.

So if you like my cartoons, please keep posting coments! That'll encourage me to keep adding them, and maybe making new ones.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

More On Solar Roofs

As our dependence on natural gas drives up winter energy bills 40 to 70 percent, what will happen with our Million Solar Roofs campaign?

In addition to reducing global warming pollution, a million solar roofs mean 3,000 MW of energy, the equivalent of six giant power plants. This investment will ease demand for limited fossil fuels, hedge against higher prices and bring economic benefits to all.

So, after the Million Solar Roofs Bill, SB 1, failed to pass the Legislature in September, what can we expect of this important initiative in the coming year?

On January 12, 2006, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is expected to approve a landmark 10-year, $3.2 billion incentive program for homes, businesses, farms and schools to go solar. This giant pot of money, called the California Solar Initiative (CSI), is the core of SB 1 and aims to drive down costs by driving up demand.

When the Legislature reconvenes in 2006, the remaining policy elements of SB 1 still await approval by the Assembly. These policies will play a key supporting role to the CSI and include the requirements that solar become a standard option on all new homes and that utility companies give a million new solar customers a credit on their electric bill for excess solar power.

In light of rising energy prices and continued air pollution problems, we look forward to working with both the CPUC and the Assembly to enable California to quickly get on track to building a million solar roofs, lowering the cost of solar, and putting the power of the sun in the hands of everyday Californians.


City of Roseville to go solar (My uncle Bruce lives there)

On November 2nd, the City of Roseville, just east of Sacramento, approved a first-ever program aimed at building 20 percent of new homes with solar panels. The program will aim to build up to 4,000 solar homes in 10 years and is expected to be finalized in June 2006.

“As far as we know, this is a California first,” said Bernadette Del Chiaro, Environment California’s clean energy advocate. “As rising natural gas prices hit home this winter, this is the kind of solution-oriented policy making urgently needed.”

Roseville is one of the fastest growing cities in the region, expecting to add 20,000 new homes in the next ten years. Growth will bring increased energy demands.

According to the proposal, a BEST Home would save homeowners more than $100 per year after modest rebates and with energy efficiency features. The city and ratepayers would benefit from reduced pressure to build fossil fuel power plants.

“Solar homes are a win-win for everyone,” said Del Chiaro. “We applaud Roseville’s leadership.”

Clean Energy Advocate Bernadette Del Chiaro.