Monday, October 31, 2005

Trick or Treat!

My daughter's costumes that she wore today.

My daughter wore the cat costume to school. But when she got to school to her horror she noticed no one else was wearing a costume!

So she begged her Dad, "Please take me home so I can change, because I don't want to look weird!"

Then after I picked my daughter up at school she said only one girl wore a costume to school, and that girl said that she felt real uncomfortable too.

When headed home we noticed one of the house's down and around the corner from ours was selling pumkins, for one and two dollars. Well, heck! We had to get a couple of pumkins!

So my daughter and I picked out two medium sized ones, and he only chaged us for one. Last day of the great pumkin sell I guess? When we got home we carved them right away. Then when we finished we put candles in them, to light as soon as it was dark. I always carve the same old dorky scary face, that I have been carving into pumkins since I was in high school. My daughter did a kinda cool three faces thing. Each side had a different face or carving. Real interesting.

Then My daughter got into her trick or treating costume the Angel one, and off we went. I took her to 'the interactive haunted house' thing they were suppose to do today, and it was 5:30 and no one was there! Shoot! So we left to go trick or treating.

I would have liked to say this being my daughter's last year of trick or treating, that we had a blast, but. . . I can't. We went to an unfamiliar area, there are lots of new housing in Madera thse days, and we got lost in a cull-de-sack!

My daughter had desided she had enough candy and our feet hurt, so we started heading for the car. Then we couldn't find the car! We kept looking and looking, and went in the wrong direction!

Then I had this uncomfortable surreal feeling that the side walk was a tread mill, and the costumed kids and parents were revolving with the scenery. And we're passing by the same ones over and over again, and this part of the cull-de-sack would just go on forever! Yikes! Let me off this crazy thing!

Then we turned a corner and saw it! My car! What a beautiful sight!

I used my Magic button and clicked open the door lock, then I slid behind the wheel with a sigh!

My car seat never felt so good to my tired 44 year old butt!

Then my daughter said, "the heck with the 'haunted house' let's just go home!"

Sigh, my daughter is certainly growing-up!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Lady Jan says Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody!

photo by Janice
This is a photo of my front gate.
Have a happy and safe Halloween!
Remember to check those treats!
As I will after I take my daughter trick or treating tomorrow night.
My daughter will be a black cat at school, and then an Angel for Halloween night.She'll finally wear those wings I bought her last year.
And don't forget to fall back!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Lady Jan's Ghost picture!

I took this picture on Thanksgiving three years ago. My husband was preparing to carve the turkey that I had cooked. Then I asked him why he looked so scared as I snapped the second photo and he said "(he) didn't know."

Then when I had the film developed I thought "Oh my goodness! why! He looks like he inhaled a ghost!"

Lady Jan's Husband has a birthday today!

My husband David is now 47 years old as of today. My husband is one of those people that has to buy his own presents, well. . . because no one knows what he wants as well as he himself does I guess. So he bought himself a coverall for work, one of those quilted ones that you can work in the snown in and not get cold. Even though it is only 45 degrees at night here, but he works at night and he gets really cold. And he doesn't do the cold very well, as he's kinda thin skinned. The only thing was--the coverall was 140 dollars! Yikes!

My daughter and I gave him home-made birthday cards, then we took him to IHOP for his birthday because that's where he said he wanted to go. And his steak was a little greasey but the rest of the meal was fine, and so was my salad. But my daughter had a turkey sandwich, and she said it was dry--no manaise or anything and it made her mouth sore because of the dryness of it. The waitess said she take it off, but the bill was over thirty dollars for just the three of us, and here I thought if she took my daughter's meal off why was it still so high?

Then we rented some movies, and my husband was only able to see one of them before the Sand man hit him hard in each eye, and he had to go back to sleep before his work shift begain.

He said he had a nice day for his birthday. I hope so, as it seemed a little dull to me!

Lady Jan's exploration of her name on the internet!

I have search my name and I have googled my name. I have found out that I can't write under my married name because there is already a lady using that name! So I'll probably use my maiden name for my writer name. Which isn't too bad as it is an interesting name Seagraves, so if you see a Janice Seagraves has a story out there read it as it maybe me!

The following postings are some of the Lady Jan's or Janice's or lady Janice that I have found on my search through the internet. Each one has it's own posting, and it's own link so you can check each one out if you like.

This Janice wants to help with wieght loss

Think slim! Infromation on weight loss, and health. Good heavens! I probably need to read her sight!

This Janice wants to help you with your acne!

Acne news, all the infromation you'd ever want to know concerning acne.

This Janice is Foot loose!

She and a friend are travelers in Singa pore! Good for her!

A Janice: Wishing for a Baby!

Not her! She's a registered nurse who want to help infertal couple have a baby.

Jumpy Janice!

Another Janice that's not me! Maybe she's jumpy because of too much caffeine?

Just Janice web designs

Another Janice not me!

Another Lady Jan?

Check this out! Another Lady Jan! She got a sweet sight!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Lady Janice?

Check out this link! It's Lady Janice in the Marvel comics!

More on Mice and Bugs, and Lasagna?

I caught yet another mouse in my closet, but I know there is more of the little buggers around! I keep hearing them rustling around at night.

Then last night when I was deeply asleep in my nice warm bed. . .Clank! Something flipped one of the door pulls on my dresser, and then I was wide awake! Nuts! I had only been asleep for 2 and a half hours! Then just as I was drifting off again. . .Squeak!

Those nasty things are just waiting and watching--trying to make my life miserable!

So today I bought more sticky traps!

Heh, Heh, just try something now you miserable rodents, I'll be waiting for you and my sticky traps too!


The stanky bugs now have a new name, as my fourteen year old daughter re-named them farting bugs! Well. . .Because they fart stinky feet smell of course!

The other night I was teaching my daughter how to make lasagna. And we both had a our own pan to make the lasagna in, and were doing really well and having a good time too. Then just after we finished making the lasagna, and then emptied the oven so I could pre-heat it--I noticed it! One of those stanky farting bugs had gotten into one of the lasagna pans!

Oh, no!

I tried to carefully and calmly extract the the bug with out exciting it too much so it wouldn't make a stink. But wouldn't you know it? The damn thing got excited anyway and ran around like a crazy bug, before I could get it out. Then when I sniffed the pan pee-u!

I smelled stinky feet!


Sunday, October 23, 2005

Lady Jan's dog has a birthday!

This our dog Mitzi, she has has a birthday today.
I can just imagine your eyes rolling about now, "Oh she is one of those bloggers that have to write about her dog or cat too."

That's not it, exactly. It's just that she has reached an extreme old age for a dog, and as such deserves some reconition.

My dog Mitzi as of today had reached the age of eighteen! And that's quite old for a Cocker spaniel.

She has had gone through a lot to get through to this ripe old age: she was born with immature cataracts, and we were told she would go blind and she has. She has had an intestinal virus twice that almost killed her, she got lost and was hit by a car when she was just a puppy. And she got lost again a few years ago, and was missing for almost a week, when she finally showed up at my mom's house (of all places), she had been bit on the face by what I believe was a coyote. She has also survived breast cancer, and had to have one of her breasts removed.

So she has a few scars, but as of today she is doing well enough for an eighteen year old blind deaf dog. Oh, did I forget to mention that she's a little hard of hearing? That's okay, I think it is the same kind of hearing loss my grandmother had. She couldn't hear a thing if you where right in front of her shouting "How are you Grandma?"(and she had a hearing aid) But if you went in the kitchen and spoke quietly with my Aunt on a subject that might upset grandma, grandma would answer you from the livingroom, "Yeah, I knew that man was no good!".

In other words the silly dog only hears when she wants to.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Lady Jan's shoes

My shoes

Photo by Janice

Time to switch shoes!
It's cooler weather again, finally! And So now I've started wearing my birkenstock clogs instead of my birkenstock sandals.

I have a lot of problems with my feet, and with my wide wide e with it is really hard to buy shoes that fit. But I do like the Birkenstock's shoes, their comfortable and they fit, and they last! These that I show here I have had for three years and just had them resoled just a few months ago.
They live again!

The Tule Fog is back!

Just when I got r-e-a-l comfortable driving--theTole fog is b-a-c-k!
It's worse than driving in the rain, I tell ya! Some times I can't even see the end of my car let alone anything else.

Photo by Janice

Here's a link to read more on our seasonal fog

Friday, October 21, 2005

Thursday's threesomes, but I'm a day late!

I got thses from Dan at his blog the back porch--
How many people live in my area?
According to
In my home town of Madera Ca. the is population is 50.043 as of 2004.
In the country of Madera Ca. the is population is 138,951 as of 2004.
Our elevation is 275 feet, and we're located in the exact center of California.

Do you use the library system where you live?. . . . .Or are you one of those people that have to own your books? And do you use the net for some things?
I'm afraid of of the later camp with the books. I use to go to the Madera library alot but was disappointed because a great deal of the books where really old. So when I was able to buy my own books, through book clubs and the like--I did! And I prefer a hard backs, not only do they last longer than the paper backs, but you can't beat the solid feeling you get when you hold a hard back in your hands.
Are you kidding isn't every body on the internet? Unless you live in the dark ages! Which I did until a year and a half ago then I finally got on line! I do enjoying using the internet, a lot! And I now have my own blog too which I have had now for a little over a year, which is what you are reading now. Yay!

Hey, what system do you use to store/keep track of your books music whatev er. Is it that tends to out live it's living area? Do you alphabetize?. . .Sort by color? . . .genre?
I have a lot of book cases. One for my fansy books which I have a lot of, another one for my research books, and another one or two for everything else. Also my daughter has her own, which is bigger than she is, and my husband has one which is small than he is.
My cds are in a turn able storage system, that has labels for every section on it. Old rock, easy listening, my daughters, my husbands, my own; cletic, Irish, classical, and some stuff I liked as a kid but couldn't afford until now.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Lady Jan asks--Got bugs?

Last week we noticed that there was some water on the kitchen floor, so we tried to track it to see where it was coming from. We finally decided it was coming from the hot water heater. It's an old old house(a hundred years old) so somethings aren't were you'd expect them to be. So my hot water heater is next to our stove in the kitchen. My husband's kid-brother kindly helped us out, by bring our new hot water heater home in his truck.

What does this have to do with bugs you may well ask? Well. . . my brother-in-law had to go home right after bring our water heater to our house, and couldn't come back and help put the thing in for a few days. So when he did come back it was a signifying cooler day, then the day when they brought hot water heater home. So when my husband and his brother finally got the box with the water heater in in the house, and opened it up--all these bugs started pouring out! Apparently they had in-mass decided that the box was an excellent place to start their winter nap!

The good news--is the hot water heater is in, and works great!

The bad news is--now we have assorted collection of flying insects, flying around of an evening ramming in to the lights.

My personal favorite(read sarcasm here!) is what I refer to as 'the stanky bug'. They don't look like a typical stink bug, as they're a smaller and more flat-ish beetle, and they have a more cockroach appearce exempt black-ish, and with some Burgundy color on them. And here's the best part--they smell like dirty feet when you squish them.

I just had one in my hair and didn't realize it, and then when I ran my fingers through my hair--that pissed it off and it went 'phhsstt!' And now my hair smells like dirty feet.


Saturday, October 15, 2005

Lady Jan asks--Got mice?

Yeah, I got invaded by little gray fur balls that squeak!


I really hate mice! Their not cute, and they spread fleas, and chew on your clothes, and get into your food. I guess I can expect this living out in the country like we do, but we usually don't have this many mice.

The other night I heard squeaking from my closet, so I closed and blocked it off. Then sat in terror with my knees drawn up to my chin like a coward. Waiting, and waiting for my husband to come home from working the night shift, so he could take care of the little vermin for me. But to be honest there was so much squeaking, that I was really afraid that they might be rats having a party in there.

EEE, Rats! As much as I hate mice I am terrified of rats. We had rats in the walls and in the attic last winter--until we got smart and bought some rat poison. And happily that seem to take care of the nightly wall chewing, and scampering of little rat claws in the attic.

But I degrees, back to the mice; they have been into my closet, and I think they may have been chewing on my and my husbands clothes.

But the good news is as soon as my husband come through the door I pounced on him, and said I hear squeaking from the closet. And it turns out the little sticky pads we had in there really do work. Especially when you put a little piece of cheese on them. Because that is where we found the two mice, er mices, um meses? Well, the two furry suckers where stuck on the sticky pad and couldn't have jumped on me, or what ever it was I was so scared of.

Then two nights latter, I heard a scuffing noise and squeaking again! But this time I was brave and opened the closet door with my handy flash light to, er hand, and there was another one! So I took it outside to the cats, and couldn't find my cats! So I left it in a bucket, and my poor, dear, brave husband had to deal with that one too.

Then two nights latter--yeah you guessed it--another mouse in my closet again! That time my cats where home, and my old cat Pookey(she's 14) was real interested in it. After that I couldn't hardly sleep for the noise on the porch, as my cat violently did her best trying to remove the mouse off the sticky pad. The next morning we found the sticky pad with the feet and tail still stuck, but minus the rest of the mouse.


This is my one hundred and first post!