Saturday, October 29, 2005

Lady Jan's Husband has a birthday today!

My husband David is now 47 years old as of today. My husband is one of those people that has to buy his own presents, well. . . because no one knows what he wants as well as he himself does I guess. So he bought himself a coverall for work, one of those quilted ones that you can work in the snown in and not get cold. Even though it is only 45 degrees at night here, but he works at night and he gets really cold. And he doesn't do the cold very well, as he's kinda thin skinned. The only thing was--the coverall was 140 dollars! Yikes!

My daughter and I gave him home-made birthday cards, then we took him to IHOP for his birthday because that's where he said he wanted to go. And his steak was a little greasey but the rest of the meal was fine, and so was my salad. But my daughter had a turkey sandwich, and she said it was dry--no manaise or anything and it made her mouth sore because of the dryness of it. The waitess said she take it off, but the bill was over thirty dollars for just the three of us, and here I thought if she took my daughter's meal off why was it still so high?

Then we rented some movies, and my husband was only able to see one of them before the Sand man hit him hard in each eye, and he had to go back to sleep before his work shift begain.

He said he had a nice day for his birthday. I hope so, as it seemed a little dull to me!

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