Saturday, October 15, 2005

Lady Jan asks--Got mice?

Yeah, I got invaded by little gray fur balls that squeak!


I really hate mice! Their not cute, and they spread fleas, and chew on your clothes, and get into your food. I guess I can expect this living out in the country like we do, but we usually don't have this many mice.

The other night I heard squeaking from my closet, so I closed and blocked it off. Then sat in terror with my knees drawn up to my chin like a coward. Waiting, and waiting for my husband to come home from working the night shift, so he could take care of the little vermin for me. But to be honest there was so much squeaking, that I was really afraid that they might be rats having a party in there.

EEE, Rats! As much as I hate mice I am terrified of rats. We had rats in the walls and in the attic last winter--until we got smart and bought some rat poison. And happily that seem to take care of the nightly wall chewing, and scampering of little rat claws in the attic.

But I degrees, back to the mice; they have been into my closet, and I think they may have been chewing on my and my husbands clothes.

But the good news is as soon as my husband come through the door I pounced on him, and said I hear squeaking from the closet. And it turns out the little sticky pads we had in there really do work. Especially when you put a little piece of cheese on them. Because that is where we found the two mice, er mices, um meses? Well, the two furry suckers where stuck on the sticky pad and couldn't have jumped on me, or what ever it was I was so scared of.

Then two nights latter, I heard a scuffing noise and squeaking again! But this time I was brave and opened the closet door with my handy flash light to, er hand, and there was another one! So I took it outside to the cats, and couldn't find my cats! So I left it in a bucket, and my poor, dear, brave husband had to deal with that one too.

Then two nights latter--yeah you guessed it--another mouse in my closet again! That time my cats where home, and my old cat Pookey(she's 14) was real interested in it. After that I couldn't hardly sleep for the noise on the porch, as my cat violently did her best trying to remove the mouse off the sticky pad. The next morning we found the sticky pad with the feet and tail still stuck, but minus the rest of the mouse.


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