Friday, October 28, 2005

More on Mice and Bugs, and Lasagna?

I caught yet another mouse in my closet, but I know there is more of the little buggers around! I keep hearing them rustling around at night.

Then last night when I was deeply asleep in my nice warm bed. . .Clank! Something flipped one of the door pulls on my dresser, and then I was wide awake! Nuts! I had only been asleep for 2 and a half hours! Then just as I was drifting off again. . .Squeak!

Those nasty things are just waiting and watching--trying to make my life miserable!

So today I bought more sticky traps!

Heh, Heh, just try something now you miserable rodents, I'll be waiting for you and my sticky traps too!


The stanky bugs now have a new name, as my fourteen year old daughter re-named them farting bugs! Well. . .Because they fart stinky feet smell of course!

The other night I was teaching my daughter how to make lasagna. And we both had a our own pan to make the lasagna in, and were doing really well and having a good time too. Then just after we finished making the lasagna, and then emptied the oven so I could pre-heat it--I noticed it! One of those stanky farting bugs had gotten into one of the lasagna pans!

Oh, no!

I tried to carefully and calmly extract the the bug with out exciting it too much so it wouldn't make a stink. But wouldn't you know it? The damn thing got excited anyway and ran around like a crazy bug, before I could get it out. Then when I sniffed the pan pee-u!

I smelled stinky feet!


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