Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Lady Jan has the flu again!

I was going to write something else this time, but darn it I still don't feel well.

My daughter caught the flu last week and miss three days of school, she's well now and went back to school on Monday. But I didn't feel up to writing an excuse for her until yesterday.

I thought I'd be well by now, I had caught this over the weekend but it's still slowing me down. I feel sluggish, fuzzy, achy, my back hurts and so does by joints. I have a river of slime going down the back of my throat that we can laughingly call post nasal drip, and I snort and snore myself awake and can't sleep through the night. I guess I'll have to dose myself with Nite Quil tonight, and I hate that stuff--yeech it tastes terrible even the cherry flavored stuff is awful.

I haven't been feeling up to cooking so dinner is what ever someone feels up to, so that is either snacking, or take-out, but tonight I shuffled into the kitchen and managed some tacos. My husband cut up the veggies, and after I cooked the hamburger-meat my husband drained the meat for me, and I fried up the tortilla in butter (I know it's not healthy but it tastes so good!). It turned out pretty good, and we stuffed ourselves, then my husband put it all away for me--that's my guy.

The house cleaning has been touch and go too, but my husband dug in and did all the laundry over the weekend that had been piling up, and my daughter did the vacuuming today. I did manage to clean the bathroom over the weekend before I started to feel really bad.

The worst part for me has been my morning chore of getting everyone up and hauling them to work and school. I wished yesterday that someone would take my husband to work at least so I at least didn't have that to do, and I got my wish full filled this morning; one of my husband's co-workers was passing by and saw me warming up the car and stopped and took my husband to work for me.

Thank you!


I know that wasn't a biggie but it meant a lot to me bacause of you know I'm not feeling well. But it goes to show you that prayers and wishes do occasional do get answered, so be careful what you wish for it may just come true.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Lady Jan is back!

My landlines has been on the fritz for two whole weeks, and we have have three or four repair people out here trying to get it fixed.

So for the last two weeks I haven't been able to post anything. No landlines, no Internet, no Internet no posting--woe is me!

But today it is finally FIXED! It was one of the hubs or something or other, it had been ran over or knocked about and it had grass grown up around it so the hordes of repair people that have been out here have missed checking the darn thing!

Until today!

Today we had two repairmen both named Joe that came out to work on it yet again. Joe number one did the same old same old, then he passed it on to Joe number two who found the hidden hub and checked it.

God bless you Joe--I sing your praises to the skies!

So my landlines is back, my Internet service is back,

and lady Jan is B-a-c-k!!!!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lady Jan says Burrrr!

We have a hard freeze predicted for our area starting tonight and continuing through this weekend. The temperature is suppose to dip into the low 20's F. or -6 C. (Don't laugh Madcap) and it's bad news for the citrus growers, well any kind of freeze is really as it can split open and dry out the fruit.

And my daughter told me that her principal announced on the intercom that if we get snow (it only snows here once ever ten years or so) and if we get an inch (I'm warning you madcap stop laughing) they might actually close the school.

Isn't that something? Especially for our area.

So I told my daughter to put another comforter on her bed, and I was thinking of doing the same thing myself or pulling out the heating blanket to keep us warm tonight.

The only thing is I now have hot flashes, and I don't need a heating blanket because I have my hot flashes to keep me warm.

(Okay madcap now you can laugh.)

Monday, January 08, 2007

Lady Jan's New Years Pictures

I didn't publish these pictures earlier because first my husband got sick with a cold or flu then over the weekend it was my turn. It's okay I'm fine now.

YGF (Young Goth Friend) and BF came over and helped us ring in the New Year with soda pop and cup of noodles. Yeah we really living now!
My daughter dragged her cat in door so I had to take a picture,
he was purring loud enough to ring in the New Year all by himself.
A few days later he got a bath.
I just added this in because I thought it was cute.Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 01, 2007

You know you Drank too much on New Years When. . .

You know you drank too much on New Years when. . .
You saw something like the above picture and it was moving and waving "hi" to you.

Okay seriously, You know you drank too much on New Years when. . . .
  • You hit on your mother in law.
  • You pull out a woman's bra strap and say "nice necklace" (my husband actually did that).
  • You mistake the wall, light post, or even your car for the bathroom.
  • You wake up in bed with someone you had no attention of being in bed with (that happened to my sis).
  • You say my head is spinning wee, urk!
  • And after being sick you think the Olympic games should feature projectile vomiting, and you'd win!
Anybody else got one?