Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Lady Jan has the flu again!

I was going to write something else this time, but darn it I still don't feel well.

My daughter caught the flu last week and miss three days of school, she's well now and went back to school on Monday. But I didn't feel up to writing an excuse for her until yesterday.

I thought I'd be well by now, I had caught this over the weekend but it's still slowing me down. I feel sluggish, fuzzy, achy, my back hurts and so does by joints. I have a river of slime going down the back of my throat that we can laughingly call post nasal drip, and I snort and snore myself awake and can't sleep through the night. I guess I'll have to dose myself with Nite Quil tonight, and I hate that stuff--yeech it tastes terrible even the cherry flavored stuff is awful.

I haven't been feeling up to cooking so dinner is what ever someone feels up to, so that is either snacking, or take-out, but tonight I shuffled into the kitchen and managed some tacos. My husband cut up the veggies, and after I cooked the hamburger-meat my husband drained the meat for me, and I fried up the tortilla in butter (I know it's not healthy but it tastes so good!). It turned out pretty good, and we stuffed ourselves, then my husband put it all away for me--that's my guy.

The house cleaning has been touch and go too, but my husband dug in and did all the laundry over the weekend that had been piling up, and my daughter did the vacuuming today. I did manage to clean the bathroom over the weekend before I started to feel really bad.

The worst part for me has been my morning chore of getting everyone up and hauling them to work and school. I wished yesterday that someone would take my husband to work at least so I at least didn't have that to do, and I got my wish full filled this morning; one of my husband's co-workers was passing by and saw me warming up the car and stopped and took my husband to work for me.

Thank you!


I know that wasn't a biggie but it meant a lot to me bacause of you know I'm not feeling well. But it goes to show you that prayers and wishes do occasional do get answered, so be careful what you wish for it may just come true.


Lee said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling unwell, Janice...I hope you're back on top of the world soon. It's a horrible feeling. Keep drinking tons of fresh fruit juice and have a hot lemon drink upon retiring at night.

Jeanette said...

Gday Janice
Sorry to hear you have caught that dreaded Flu again. Keep up with the fluid intake. take care keep warm,,,

Janice said...

Hi Lee,

Thanks that sounds like some good advice.

Hi Jeanette,

Thank you I am.

Your Lady Jan~

Merle said...

Hi Janice ~~ I am so sorry you have been so unwell and hope by now that
you have recovered. Glad though that your husband and daughter have been so helpful. Bless them. And it was great that your hbb's mate picked him up and made life better for you.

That woman with the genie sure wanted a lot -- world peace OR a good man!! Poor genie. Take care Janice
and come back better than ever.
Love, Merle.

Janice said...

Hi Merle,

Sorry but I'm still sick, and now in my eye too.

Thank you for the good wishes, and keep up with the jokes!

Lady Jan~