Monday, May 30, 2011


My book Windswept Shores will be one year old on June third. To celebrate, I'm running a contest on my website.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I interviewed my character

 I interviewed my character, Seth, from Windswept Shores on Karenna's blog.

Please stop by and leave a comment. I could really use the support.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday's thirteen: Country Drive

I went on a country drive for my birthday. Here's some photos I took along the way.
1. We're on our way to Hensley Lake. In this photo you can see it's going to rain soon, and you also get a look at my little dashboard Kitties my hubby bought for me.
2. We live in a very dry arid area, but this is also farm country. Here you can see the "Happy Cows." 
3. More of our grass land and storm clouds.
4. Something blooming along side of the road.
5. We finally made it to Hensley Lake. Waters still a bit low though.
6. We stopped at Look Out Point, but the wind had gotten up. My daughter and I nearly froze our butts off, trying to get a couple of pictures before we hurried back to the car.

7. My hubby posed for a photo.
8. Look closely and you can see the dam. The name of the dam is Hidden dam. 
9. A blooming bush. I don't know what they're call but there were several of them close to the road.
10. I saw a spotted a abandoned house with a balancing rock in the foreground.
11. Above the lake is this lovely river that runs into it, but I forget to get the name of it. *slaps head*
12. Mean while my hubby was on the other side of the bridge and saw two turtles. Unfortunately they saw him and dived into the river before my daughter and I could join him and see them too. :(
All that's left is two wet spots on the middle rock (if you look very closely you can see them).
13. On the way home we saw a barn and I snapped this photo just as it started to rain.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Birthday Drive and a strange sight

My birthday is May 16 and I'm turning the big five-O.
One every decade there's a country drive I like to do on my birthday.
So today, we're going to drive around Hensley lake.
The first time I did this was when my mom took me, when I turned thirty and pregnant with my daughter.

We saw a lot of wild life that day.

Then the most amazing thing--a coyote  looked at us over it's shoulder at us,
then jump in the air, spreading it wings as it turned into a bald eagle and flew away.

I know it sounds crazy, but I'm not making this up and my mom saw it too.

I talked to an Native American and he said it could have been the trickster playing a trick on us, 
or it could have some deeper meaning.

So every decade, on my birthday, my daughter and I go on a drive around Hensley lake 
to see if we can have that weird spititual experience again.

Wish us luck.