Sunday, July 31, 2005

Lady Jan goes on Vacation: Mural at Monterrey fisherman's warf eatery

left side Posted by Picasa
Who ever the artist is he is really good!
I was totally intranced!
And it's new! Do you see the blue tape at the bottom?
It hasen't been removed yet.

Lady Jan goes on Vacation: Mural at Monterrey fisherman's warf eatery

Middle Posted by Picasa

Lady Jan goes on Vacation: Mural at Monterrey fisherman's warf eatery

Far right side of fabluless mural at Monterrey Posted by Picasa
I thought the artist really did a great job on the octopus.

Lady Jan goes on Vacation: the view of the beach board walk

The Famous beach board walk Posted by Picasa
Some of my photos got a little out of sequence,
but please bare with me.

Lady Jan goes on Vacation: our hotel room view

Isn't this disturbing?
This the view from my hotel's bathroom window, and I believe that is a homeless person camping out down there! Posted by Picasa

Lady Jan goes on Vacation: our hotel sink

One of the disturbing things about our hotel room was our hotel's bathroom sink.
I think that is the same stuff I line my drawers with!? Posted by Picasa
Would you like to brush your teeth at this sink?
I did!

Lady Jan's Vacation: Our fabulous view!

View from our hotel room, we are ten minuet walk from the beach board walk and the ocean,
so why is the hotel facing the wrong way? Posted by Picasa

Lady Jan goes to Monterey!

View of Monterey famous fisherman's warf from the right side Posted by Picasa

Lady Jan sees a sea otter

A sea otter got very close to people, then he otta Posted by Picasa
The sea otter is that black thing that looks like a stick.

Lady Jan's artsy picture

Artsy picture I took on beach Posted by Picasa

View of beach near Monterey's fisherman's warf

View of beach near Monterey warf Posted by Picasa
Here we were waded, my small family and I. but I don't have the slightest idea
what the beach's names is.
They have the pretty little beaches in Monterey.
The sand is a kinda orangy or citrine color, and the water is clear, and clean.
The tempature was just perfect just warm enough for wading, and geting a little wet with out getting too cold in the process. We really had a great day!

Monterey's Fisherman's warf

View of the famous Monterey fisherman's warf from the left side Posted by Picasa
Can you spot the seal in the water?
It's balancing itself on a rock.

Lady Jan on fisherman's warf Santa Cruz

A very small sail boat in the distance Posted by Picasa

More views from Sants Cruz's fisherman's warf

View from the warf Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Blog news: terrorist attack on London

My heart and thoughts as well as prayers, goes out to the families of the 31 dead, and the over 200 wounded--victems of this latest terrorist attack.

An up date:

55 deaths and over 700 wounded, in the London terrorist attacks.


England haven't had this sort of thing happen since WWII, are shell shocked! "But we'll pull through" says Londoners.

Here are some blogs from London, and what they have to say on this cowardly terrorist attack.

Blog news: A pedophile with his own blog

Accused kidnapper and killer and Pedophile Joseph Duncan the III kept a blog!

This is the blog in question called blogging the fifth nail, it does make for creepy reading since we now alegally know what he did:

Blog news: Wesson on the blogs

The Marcus Wesson trial is over and Marcus Wesson is found guilty on all counts. Is anyone surprised? He is also going to get the death penalty.
Here is a blog by reporter Monte Francis:

Some Fresno blogs with some interest view points on the Wesson trial:

Some others who has a view point on Wesson: