Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday's thirteen: Signs of Spring

It's spring here in California, but I know there's places where it's still snowing. If you're tired of the winter weather, here's thirteen signs of Spring to cheer you up.

  1. Daffodils
  2. Blooming trees
  3. Crocus 
  4. Tulips
  5. New spring leaves
  6. Warmer weather
  7. Return of song birds
  8. Birds building nests
  9. The grass needing to be mowed
  10. Time to weed the garden
  11. Spring forward time change
  12. Pool parties
  13. Spring Cleaning

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Thursday's thirteen: Blooms

Since its nearly Easter, I thought it would be nice to show thirteen of my Spring blooms photos. (All photos were taken by me and are owned by me.)

1. We live in the middle of an almond orchard.
2. Every spring we are treated to the most wonderful sight!
3. all the almond trees burst into bloom like popcorn, every March
4. The scent is amazing. The almond blooms smell like honey.
5. I'm always sad when the blooms fall off the trees and cover the ground like a sprinkling of snow.
6. My daffodils are the first to bloom a mere day or two before the almond trees.
7. My fancy daffodils bloom a few days later, but are very nice to look at.
Especially gathered together into a bunch 
(that's my hand at the bottom of the photo).
8. Here's another shot of my daffodils with my (haunted) house behind them.
9. one of my favorite vines is the jasmine vine. When they bloom they're lovely sweet scent fills the air. My old vine that I had transplanted died because of the frost and I bought myself a new one and planted pretty little pansies around its base.
10. My husband liked it so well, he wanted me to do that for the other side of gate and arch. So he bought me another vine and more pansies. 
11. Here are both of the side together. You can see my little metal American flag on the left and my hubby's navy flag (they gave him at work) on the right.
12. one of my flowers that wintered over in a pot is blooming.
13. My strawberry plants are in bloom. 
And that means strawberries will be next!!!