Saturday, March 31, 2012

Isn't it too early for April Fools?

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It started to rain a little while ago so I opened the door to enjoy it, then this sound started.

Loud, really loud thumps. Which for some reason made me think of a giant's loud tread.

Then the noise got even louder. Like whatever it was, was heading my way. As the noise got louder, I felt it vibrate under my feet.

I looked out all the windows and couldn't see what it was, even went out on the porch, but the almond trees that surround my house are really tall now, so it was hard to see. 

But I do know that noise wasn't thunder and I kept thinking of those weird noises that have been reported and heard all around the world.

Oh, thank goodness just stopped.

Now all I need is a loud voice saying, "Ha, ha, April fools!"

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oh, My Tooth part 2

Went to the dentist today and had my cap glued back on.

He said because I had a bad taste in my mouth for a bout a week, the cap was leaking. So it was a good thing that I bit down on that candy and it cracked off.

Anyway the procedure was pain free. I had no sensitivity, which is a good thing. And the x-ray didn't show any decay and that's even better news. Even when the dentist scraped the old glue off, it didn't hurt. And he had to scrap really hard too.

Then he used something that smelled like epoxy glue which he cured with a blue light. I had to bite down on a piece of cotton for five minutes, and then it was done!

The only thing is, now I have to be careful with my cap for twelve hours.

So no hard food or hard candy for me. :(

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh, My Tooth

I bit into one of the salt water taffies I bought in San Jose and I heard a crick noise. And felt something was wrong. I took out my candy and something was in it. 

Dammit, my cap came off.

 I got on the phone and made an appointment for eight tomorrow, so I can get the darn thing glued back on.

I wish this lousy week would end already.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm Back!

I just got back last night from a trip with my mom to San Jose. We were gone three days and boy did my email fill up.

Anyway I went with my mom because my step-dad felt too bad to go. My mom had to have treatments for her Torticollis (wiry neck), she has a very bad case.

Had an awful exhausting trip. Food was awful, beds were hard and pillows lumpy which made my neck hurt.

Mom will have to have surgery to replace the batteries in her stimulators, so we came back a little early.

Missed our stop on the train and ended up in Fresno's train depot, which both my hubby and step-dad didn't know where it was located. Had to wait until they found us.

Finally got home at around seven. Hubby caught me on the couch with tear of exhaustion trailing down my cheeks and ordered me to bed.

I fell right to sleep and had a horrible dream about an evil train conductor who wouldn't let us off the train and cackled about it over the loud-speakers.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Winner of the Leap Year Blog Hop

Winner of the Leap Year Blog Hop Prize is . . . .

Drum roll please.

Jane Wakely!

Jane, you won the pukka shell necklace.

I'll be contacting you in a little while.