Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lady Jan's Bad Back

My back is out again.

I threw it out pulling weeds out of my garden, and I have a helper that comes once a week to help keep the weeds and the mowing done, but there is just things I just got to do myself.


And that was my lower back, then I did some house work then that did my upper back in. That place right between the shoulder blades that when you take a deep breath you hurt, and when you reach out to grab something it hurts.


But that part is at least better, my husband was able to give me a massage and pushed it back in.

Let's hear it for my husbands golden hands! Er, that didn't sound naughty did it?

Then I got my monthly (a nice way of saying I got my period) and the out of place lower back didn't help my cramping, ew. Made it worse actually. So all I have been really doing is reading, with a hot pad on my back and taking Tylenol.

I haven't been posting because it's hard to sit in front of a computer when your back hurts.

So everyone who has been so nice to leave a comment I will get to you in a couple of days--I promise.