Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sigh--One of those days!

"I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity."

Edgar Allan Poe~

My brandnew laptop crashed again!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fresno's Ani-jam 2007

My daughter Sarah as Haku from Naruto

It's Over

Well that didn't last very long.

My daughter broke-up with her boyfriend.

She didn't like him holding her hand, and just barely tolerated him putting an arm around her, and she never ever let him kiss her--not once.

Then I over heard her tell him to stop calling her during the week.

Oh dear, I thought.

I asked her "don't you even like him?"
"I didn't realize he was a nerd," she said. "I don't like nerds."
"Some of my best friends in school were nerds," I told her. "Their smart and sweet, and fun to talk to."
"Yeah, but he has all the series of star trek memorised--he is such a nerd."
"But he is nice," I said. "And very nice for a first boyfriend."
"He is too nice. He apologized for everything, even stuff that isn't even his fault."
"Too passive?"
"God yes. But he is very accepting, and I think he would be perfect for one of my other friends just not me."
"Well," I told her, "I know you two have a busy weekend planned with the anime convention in Fresno. Tell you what; go ahead and go, and see how you feel about him, and if you still feel this way about him them you need to break-up with him. I can tell he is really likes you a lot, and it's better to break-up with him before he gets too close to you, so you don't break his heart."

My daughter went to the anime convention, and it was a two day event, and Chris bought her a pass for both days. He took her (his Mom actually drove) Saturday, and my husband and I took her and a couple of friends on Sunday and they met up there.

My daughter did the what they call cos-play; that's costume dressed as an anime character. My daughter on the first day was a boy fox from inuyashi the little boy one. Then on the second day she was Hauku from another show.

Chris her boyfriend didn't dress up.

Sarah had a great time, and got involved with some of the actives there, and stayed in character the whole time.

But by Monday when she went back to school she knew she was going to break-up with Chris. She said "the last straw was when he got ass-ey with her friends."

Then today she gave him the lets be friends speech.

He said "I knew this was coming."


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Daughter has a boyfriend

It's official my daughter has a boyfriend.

I told her many years ago when she was sixteen that she could date, and July 26th my daughter turned sixteen, and right on sequel a young man turned up.

He did the right thing; at the birthday party (for my daughter) he made it a point to get to know my husband and myself. We found out he love science fiction movies as well as Japanese anime, He also gave to my daughter two gift certificates for a movie at Edwards theater in Fresno.

Later my daughter asked me "do you think he wanted to go with me?" I told her "he probably did." But the problem was she had already made plans to go with another friend (girlfriend). She did called him to see of he'd like to come too, but he was out of town.

He called her as soon as he came back home and asked if she would like to go to the Simpson's movie, so they did go to that together with another set of friends. Double date, yea. I told her the way you can tell it's a date is when he pays.

My daughter ended up paying for everyone. Oh well at least it was the matinee.

Then for the next week it was the endless call that went on for hours, by the time I finaly got my phone line back so I could post on my blog, it was so late, and I was so tired myself I just went to bed.

I spoke to his mom and she was even confused too, were they a couple? Boyfriend girlfriend or what?

Then my daughter was invited to a meal out, and she got to met the parents and the grandparents, she told me it made her real nervous. I told her that would make anybody nervous.

But afterwards; she must has passed mustard because he asked her to be his girlfriend.

She said yes.

He has been a gentlemen this whole time, and I've gotten to know him as well his name is Chris he is Chinese, and I went to school with his father--small world eh?

Here's a cute story; when I was pregnant with Sarah I got a craving for Chinese food and my husband took me out to a new restaurant, it was ran by Chris's grandparents and his mom worked there too. I remember speaking to her and she said "oh your pregnant I just had a baby nine months ago," and of course that baby was Chris. Chris's dad came in later before we left and I got to say "hi" to him too.

But neither remember that happening, oh well.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Lady Jan's terrible three's

Yea! I once again have a flush toilet and the floor is mostly fixed.

The floor was rotten and my husband and daughter replaced the wood so the floor, so doesn't move when we walk on it, and it doesn't feel like we're gonna fall through the floor.

The only thing left is laying down the new tile, which my husband got a good start on.

So he's almost done.

The computer is working, and I am able to get on the Internet and post on my blog, or you won't be reading this, so something else is working again.

The only problem is that now my car is acting up.

My bad luck always runs in sets of threes;

#1. My computer.

#2. My bathroom floor, and toilet had to be replaced.

#3. My car is acting up.

Yes the terrible threes are at it again.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Lady Jan's husband is in the dog house

My husband did something to our large computer; I think he reconfigured a game or something to get it to run right, but it threw the computer for a loop!

The computer would start but wouldn't load, and it kept requesting something or other to be done.

My husband did what ever it had requested thinking it would run right, but now our computer now thinks it brand new and all my programs, stories, manuscripts, and photos for the last three years are all poof gone!

The only good news is I did move my book length manuscript to my brand new lap top computer.

So my book is safe thank God.

But everything else is lost!

I couldn't even get on the Internet.

We're still trying to rectify the problem, but we're side tract; my husband is fixing the bathroom right now.

We live in a hundred year old house, and under the linoleum is wood, and wood rots when it gets wet we found out, especially an old leak like what we have had.

So my husband with some help from YGF boy friend big G have torn out the toilet and floor to replace the wood.

I, um, have no toilet right now.

But we do have a small camp sized port-i-potty.