Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday's Thirteen: Headache

The above photo is of my daughter who posed for me.

It's allergy season and with all the time I've spend on the computer, I've got a headache.

Here's somethings that I do to  relieves it.

1. Take a pain pill. I know, I know, you've thought of it. But sometimes people try to tough it out and get irritable because they don't feel good.

However, if you're against pain pills then read the following.

2. Floss your teeth. Sounds weird but it relieves some of the pressure.

3. Wash your hair. It's basically a scalp massage and does wonders to make me feel better.

4. Or, hey, have someone massage your scalp for you.

5. Drink dark tea. Studies show that caffeine does relieves a headache.

6. Drink coffee.  Ditto with the caffeine.

7. Drink a soda that has caffeine.

8. Take a nap. Some times a headache is the body telling you to slow down.

9. Get off the computer and rest your eyes. Sometimes a headache is caused my eye strain.

10. Take an allergy pill. Maybe the headache is sinus pressure.

11. Apply pressure to your pressure points.

12. Get an adjustment. Sometimes a headache is an indications that your spin is misaligned. Getting an adjustment can relieve a headache.

13. Have a massage. Get your SO and some oil. Releasing tension can relieve a headache and can be a lot of fun too. :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Our little dog got her spade surgery

This is Snaps, the little dog my daughter brought home. She's a stray or was.
We've had her for around four months now and she went into heat. 
We live out in the country and I was worried some big dog would get to her and she couldn't have the babies (something that happened to my dog when I was still living at home).
We just got her spaded at the Hope Animal Foundation in Fresno.
They charged less than half of what one of vets in our home town would charge.

We dropped Snaps off, then my daughter and I spend the day in Fresno. We got breakfast, went to Barns and Nobles, picked up her BF and had lunch. Then daughter dropped me off at B&N, so she could go down the road to washed the car, and I used the free wifi to download a few things. 

At four o'clock, it was time to pick up the dog.

In the photo above, Snaps is wearing the cone of shame, because she started to lick her incision which is a no-no.