Thursday, August 25, 2005

Lady Jan suffers a loss--lossing her Aunt Edith

Remembrance Of my Aunt Edith Posted by Picasa
The card they hand out at the funeral.
My husband stood up and gave a speach for her, and did very well, I'm very proud of him.
It was a very sad day for all of us.

Lady Jan suffers a loss

My Aunt Edith has passed away. Posted by Picasa
This is my Uncle Bruce, Aunt Edith, and their dog Moppy.
The dog has passed away about fifteen years ago, but remained in their heart as much as a child would have been if they had had any.
Edith was knowed for her cooking skills, and also for her no haggling philosopy in her sales-- either selling realstate as she did later, or used furnature in their earlier venture.
She had met my Uncle when they lived next door to her. And about the time when it was discovered that my Grandmother had cancer and was not expected to live. This was when Edith ran a resterant, and after she and my Uncle married(after my Grandmother passed away)--proceeded to fatten the skinny man up.
Edith had scolded me on several occations because my husband had remained skinny for years after we were married, and she proclaimed "that (I) wasn't feeding him enough, and a stiff wind wood blow him away!"
Well. I think she would be well pleased with me now, my husband has put on the pounds, and in fact has a little round belly!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Lady Jan's daughter starts the eighth grade!

My daughter started school this past Monday August 15th. She really didn't want to go, but I couldn't move her to another school because of the housing boom. We have an influx of new students who live in the new houses, and the schools are just too full to transfer out or in a different school.

So it was back to Howard school for my daughter. "But look" I said, "this is the last year! Just make it a good one, and do all the school work. And work hard and make sure you pass! That way you wont have to repeat, and have to do yet another year here!"

And I spent s-o-o much money getting her ready for school! A hundred dollars on supplies, and that's back pack, folders, binders, pencils ect. And my daughter wanted the mechanical pencils. She found a pretty seat in metallic colors, I said"wont this get stolen?"
"Yeah, probably." she said, in that dry way teenager have.
"So, I should just get you these yellow no. 2's then," I said.
"Well, they steal those too."


So I bought her the pretty metallic ones, and if they get stolen--I'm buying a package of the ugly yellow no. 2's.

Lady Jan's daughter turns Fourteen!

A Birthday party for my daughter at John's incredible pizza! Posted by Picasa
We took my daughter and two of her friends to John's incredible Pizza.
They had a so-so time there.
Unfortunately I have to say the pizza wasn't incredible, and the games were not that great either. And I was appalled that some of the games there for 'children' look like the ones I saw at Table Top Mountain casino!(I was only there once!) I think they are teaching children to gamble! It makes me wonder who is running this restaurant? The gambling establishment?
At least my daughter got to enjoy time with her two friends. I took a lot of pictures and made a slide show using my computer and ulead a program that came with my first digital camera(I'm on my second one), and burned the DVD on our computer. And I gave the DVD's to both the girls that came with us to my daughter's birthday party, as a remembrance and a thank you gift for coming. Their reaction to the gift

Friday, August 05, 2005

Lady Jan--eats Chinese take-out so that means.....

Fortune cookie time! Posted by Picasa
Photo by Lady Jan
Fortune 1-
You are always welcome
at any gathering.
(who little o'l me?)
Fortune 2-
You have a strong instinct to
take care of the people you love
(An't it the truth, an't it the truth!)
Fortune 3-
The sun will always shine through
your heart, into your smile, and
warm your soul.
(Aw, I like that one.)
Fortune 4-
today will be pleasant, your
life will be prosperous.
(Ah, yeah, that's one I think everyone likes to get.)
Fortune 5-
You will be a winner.
(Yeah? Really? Hmm, maybe I should
reconsider buying lottery tickets.)
Fortune 6-
You have an important new business
development shaping up.
(I do? I have no idea what that ones about?
It must have been for another take-out order.)