Thursday, August 25, 2005

Lady Jan suffers a loss

My Aunt Edith has passed away. Posted by Picasa
This is my Uncle Bruce, Aunt Edith, and their dog Moppy.
The dog has passed away about fifteen years ago, but remained in their heart as much as a child would have been if they had had any.
Edith was knowed for her cooking skills, and also for her no haggling philosopy in her sales-- either selling realstate as she did later, or used furnature in their earlier venture.
She had met my Uncle when they lived next door to her. And about the time when it was discovered that my Grandmother had cancer and was not expected to live. This was when Edith ran a resterant, and after she and my Uncle married(after my Grandmother passed away)--proceeded to fatten the skinny man up.
Edith had scolded me on several occations because my husband had remained skinny for years after we were married, and she proclaimed "that (I) wasn't feeding him enough, and a stiff wind wood blow him away!"
Well. I think she would be well pleased with me now, my husband has put on the pounds, and in fact has a little round belly!

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