Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Lady Jan's daughter turns Fourteen!

A Birthday party for my daughter at John's incredible pizza! Posted by Picasa
We took my daughter and two of her friends to John's incredible Pizza.
They had a so-so time there.
Unfortunately I have to say the pizza wasn't incredible, and the games were not that great either. And I was appalled that some of the games there for 'children' look like the ones I saw at Table Top Mountain casino!(I was only there once!) I think they are teaching children to gamble! It makes me wonder who is running this restaurant? The gambling establishment?
At least my daughter got to enjoy time with her two friends. I took a lot of pictures and made a slide show using my computer and ulead a program that came with my first digital camera(I'm on my second one), and burned the DVD on our computer. And I gave the DVD's to both the girls that came with us to my daughter's birthday party, as a remembrance and a thank you gift for coming. Their reaction to the gift

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