Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Lady Jan's daughter starts the eighth grade!

My daughter started school this past Monday August 15th. She really didn't want to go, but I couldn't move her to another school because of the housing boom. We have an influx of new students who live in the new houses, and the schools are just too full to transfer out or in a different school.

So it was back to Howard school for my daughter. "But look" I said, "this is the last year! Just make it a good one, and do all the school work. And work hard and make sure you pass! That way you wont have to repeat, and have to do yet another year here!"

And I spent s-o-o much money getting her ready for school! A hundred dollars on supplies, and that's back pack, folders, binders, pencils ect. And my daughter wanted the mechanical pencils. She found a pretty seat in metallic colors, I said"wont this get stolen?"
"Yeah, probably." she said, in that dry way teenager have.
"So, I should just get you these yellow no. 2's then," I said.
"Well, they steal those too."


So I bought her the pretty metallic ones, and if they get stolen--I'm buying a package of the ugly yellow no. 2's.

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