Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Daughter has a boyfriend

It's official my daughter has a boyfriend.

I told her many years ago when she was sixteen that she could date, and July 26th my daughter turned sixteen, and right on sequel a young man turned up.

He did the right thing; at the birthday party (for my daughter) he made it a point to get to know my husband and myself. We found out he love science fiction movies as well as Japanese anime, He also gave to my daughter two gift certificates for a movie at Edwards theater in Fresno.

Later my daughter asked me "do you think he wanted to go with me?" I told her "he probably did." But the problem was she had already made plans to go with another friend (girlfriend). She did called him to see of he'd like to come too, but he was out of town.

He called her as soon as he came back home and asked if she would like to go to the Simpson's movie, so they did go to that together with another set of friends. Double date, yea. I told her the way you can tell it's a date is when he pays.

My daughter ended up paying for everyone. Oh well at least it was the matinee.

Then for the next week it was the endless call that went on for hours, by the time I finaly got my phone line back so I could post on my blog, it was so late, and I was so tired myself I just went to bed.

I spoke to his mom and she was even confused too, were they a couple? Boyfriend girlfriend or what?

Then my daughter was invited to a meal out, and she got to met the parents and the grandparents, she told me it made her real nervous. I told her that would make anybody nervous.

But afterwards; she must has passed mustard because he asked her to be his girlfriend.

She said yes.

He has been a gentlemen this whole time, and I've gotten to know him as well his name is Chris he is Chinese, and I went to school with his father--small world eh?

Here's a cute story; when I was pregnant with Sarah I got a craving for Chinese food and my husband took me out to a new restaurant, it was ran by Chris's grandparents and his mom worked there too. I remember speaking to her and she said "oh your pregnant I just had a baby nine months ago," and of course that baby was Chris. Chris's dad came in later before we left and I got to say "hi" to him too.

But neither remember that happening, oh well.


Lee said...

And now it all begins! How sweet it is! And how nerve-wracking it is to meet "the parents"! I remember it well! ;)

Turtle Guy said...

Aww... she said yes.

Lucky guy.

Start keeping a diary -- I'm sure she has!

Janice said...

Hi Lee and Dave,

I'm sorry to report that it's over.

She didn't like him for a boyfriend, so she broke-up with him.

I'll post more later.

Lady Jan~

Anonymous said...

Be glad it's over! My daughter's boyfriend and she have been going steady for 8 months now! ugh! She's only 17!

(That story about the Chinese restaurant is adorable!)


Janice said...

Hi Audrey,

It's been over now for most of the year, and no new boyfriend has popped up. But then she told me she wasn't going to date till collage.

Oh well.

I'm glad you thougt the chinese restaurant story was adorable.