Friday, August 03, 2007

Lady Jan's husband is in the dog house

My husband did something to our large computer; I think he reconfigured a game or something to get it to run right, but it threw the computer for a loop!

The computer would start but wouldn't load, and it kept requesting something or other to be done.

My husband did what ever it had requested thinking it would run right, but now our computer now thinks it brand new and all my programs, stories, manuscripts, and photos for the last three years are all poof gone!

The only good news is I did move my book length manuscript to my brand new lap top computer.

So my book is safe thank God.

But everything else is lost!

I couldn't even get on the Internet.

We're still trying to rectify the problem, but we're side tract; my husband is fixing the bathroom right now.

We live in a hundred year old house, and under the linoleum is wood, and wood rots when it gets wet we found out, especially an old leak like what we have had.

So my husband with some help from YGF boy friend big G have torn out the toilet and floor to replace the wood.

I, um, have no toilet right now.

But we do have a small camp sized port-i-potty.


Granny said...

Well, I'll stop fretting now.

You poor thing. No computer and no toilet? Honestly if I had to pick one to give up, I might drag our porta-potty out of hiding.

Lee said...

And you let Mr. Janice try to fix the bathroom after he "fixed" the computer??? You're a braver person than I am, Janice! lol

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

My Pot-apotty is all put away, and we have a flush toliet again.

The computer works but it thinks it is brand new, but I figured out how to get on the internet again and it works thank goodness.

HI Lee,

I'm either brave, or desperate I guess, but the toliet works, and so does the computer so I guess he can do something right.

Now I'm car is acting up. I tell you my bad luck runs to threes; #1. computer #2. toliet, #3. my car.

If I had no bad luck I'd have no luck at all.

Your Lady Jan~