Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's Over

Well that didn't last very long.

My daughter broke-up with her boyfriend.

She didn't like him holding her hand, and just barely tolerated him putting an arm around her, and she never ever let him kiss her--not once.

Then I over heard her tell him to stop calling her during the week.

Oh dear, I thought.

I asked her "don't you even like him?"
"I didn't realize he was a nerd," she said. "I don't like nerds."
"Some of my best friends in school were nerds," I told her. "Their smart and sweet, and fun to talk to."
"Yeah, but he has all the series of star trek memorised--he is such a nerd."
"But he is nice," I said. "And very nice for a first boyfriend."
"He is too nice. He apologized for everything, even stuff that isn't even his fault."
"Too passive?"
"God yes. But he is very accepting, and I think he would be perfect for one of my other friends just not me."
"Well," I told her, "I know you two have a busy weekend planned with the anime convention in Fresno. Tell you what; go ahead and go, and see how you feel about him, and if you still feel this way about him them you need to break-up with him. I can tell he is really likes you a lot, and it's better to break-up with him before he gets too close to you, so you don't break his heart."

My daughter went to the anime convention, and it was a two day event, and Chris bought her a pass for both days. He took her (his Mom actually drove) Saturday, and my husband and I took her and a couple of friends on Sunday and they met up there.

My daughter did the what they call cos-play; that's costume dressed as an anime character. My daughter on the first day was a boy fox from inuyashi the little boy one. Then on the second day she was Hauku from another show.

Chris her boyfriend didn't dress up.

Sarah had a great time, and got involved with some of the actives there, and stayed in character the whole time.

But by Monday when she went back to school she knew she was going to break-up with Chris. She said "the last straw was when he got ass-ey with her friends."

Then today she gave him the lets be friends speech.

He said "I knew this was coming."



Lee said...

Oh! Dear! Your daughter sounds just like how I was. I couldn't stand a boy if he tried to hold my hand! My first kiss! Well, that was a total disaster. I raced inside and washed my mouth! I couldn't understand what all the fuss was about! lol

Janice said...

Hi Lee,

Thanks for understanding,and telling me that cute story.

I asked her if she kissed him and she said and I quote; "Do you know how many germs are in the human mouth? EEW!"

I told her she wouldn't mind with the right guy, and I got the "look" and the "eww" again.

Lady Jan~