Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm Back!

I just got back last night from a trip with my mom to San Jose. We were gone three days and boy did my email fill up.

Anyway I went with my mom because my step-dad felt too bad to go. My mom had to have treatments for her Torticollis (wiry neck), she has a very bad case.

Had an awful exhausting trip. Food was awful, beds were hard and pillows lumpy which made my neck hurt.

Mom will have to have surgery to replace the batteries in her stimulators, so we came back a little early.

Missed our stop on the train and ended up in Fresno's train depot, which both my hubby and step-dad didn't know where it was located. Had to wait until they found us.

Finally got home at around seven. Hubby caught me on the couch with tear of exhaustion trailing down my cheeks and ordered me to bed.

I fell right to sleep and had a horrible dream about an evil train conductor who wouldn't let us off the train and cackled about it over the loud-speakers.

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