Sunday, May 15, 2011

Birthday Drive and a strange sight

My birthday is May 16 and I'm turning the big five-O.
One every decade there's a country drive I like to do on my birthday.
So today, we're going to drive around Hensley lake.
The first time I did this was when my mom took me, when I turned thirty and pregnant with my daughter.

We saw a lot of wild life that day.

Then the most amazing thing--a coyote  looked at us over it's shoulder at us,
then jump in the air, spreading it wings as it turned into a bald eagle and flew away.

I know it sounds crazy, but I'm not making this up and my mom saw it too.

I talked to an Native American and he said it could have been the trickster playing a trick on us, 
or it could have some deeper meaning.

So every decade, on my birthday, my daughter and I go on a drive around Hensley lake 
to see if we can have that weird spititual experience again.

Wish us luck.

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