Thursday, January 25, 2007

Lady Jan is back!

My landlines has been on the fritz for two whole weeks, and we have have three or four repair people out here trying to get it fixed.

So for the last two weeks I haven't been able to post anything. No landlines, no Internet, no Internet no posting--woe is me!

But today it is finally FIXED! It was one of the hubs or something or other, it had been ran over or knocked about and it had grass grown up around it so the hordes of repair people that have been out here have missed checking the darn thing!

Until today!

Today we had two repairmen both named Joe that came out to work on it yet again. Joe number one did the same old same old, then he passed it on to Joe number two who found the hidden hub and checked it.

God bless you Joe--I sing your praises to the skies!

So my landlines is back, my Internet service is back,

and lady Jan is B-a-c-k!!!!!!


Granny said...

I knew you were missing but thought you all might have come down with whatever's going around. Glad that's not the case although if I had to do without the internet for very long they'd have to carry me away.

Welcome back!!

Jeanette said...

Welcome back Janice how annoying they took that long to find the problem.

Lee said...

I popped my head in every day, Janice and was wondering where you had disappear to. I'm glad all is well with you, other than the landlines, that is...that is very frustrating for you. Nice to have you back! :)

LittleJen said...

OMG, 2 weeks without the internet how did u do it, what is your secret???

Janice said...

Hi everybody,

I'm so glad you hung in there with me, and yes I did go through heavy with draws with out the internet. But I kept writing on my book length manuscript so that was a plus at least. But if I didn't have that that may have locked me away in a little padded room.

Your Lady Jan~

Turtle Guy said...

Shows you how much I've been around... I didn't know you'd left! But in the spirit of things, good to have you back!

Janice said...

Hi Dave,

Thank you.

Lady Jan~