Monday, January 08, 2007

Lady Jan's New Years Pictures

I didn't publish these pictures earlier because first my husband got sick with a cold or flu then over the weekend it was my turn. It's okay I'm fine now.

YGF (Young Goth Friend) and BF came over and helped us ring in the New Year with soda pop and cup of noodles. Yeah we really living now!
My daughter dragged her cat in door so I had to take a picture,
he was purring loud enough to ring in the New Year all by himself.
A few days later he got a bath.
I just added this in because I thought it was cute.Posted by Picasa


Jeanette said...

Happy New year Janice .
Sorry to hear you got the Flu hope your feeling a lot better,Take care.

Gwen said...

Hi Janice thanks for dropping by,
hope your cold is better.
The cat has sure grown since I saw her? Him? last.
Get Well Soon.xx

Madcap said...

Yikes! Poor kitty!

Nice to see the most recent pics.

Lee said...

Your daughter's cat is not unlike my Remy....Remy's white on his nose doesn't extend quite as far but they are very similar...and equally as sookie I would seem! ;)

Janice said...

Hi Jeannete and Gwen,

I'm a lot better thank you.

And Gwen the problem with the kitty is I'm really bad at sexing kittens and this little guy was keeping secrets. It was only when his his you know what dropped did I figure it out--it's a boy!

Hi Madcap,

Oh he loved it, he purred the whole time.

Hi Lee,

I know that sometime our cats can look so simular, like one of Ann's kitty's looks like our cat Sparkles. But it makes us all feel closer together when our cats look alike.

We're keeping up the warm thoughts here, your Lady Jan~

Granny said...

He looks a little like one of ours. Did he enjoy the bath?