Monday, October 31, 2005

Trick or Treat!

My daughter's costumes that she wore today.

My daughter wore the cat costume to school. But when she got to school to her horror she noticed no one else was wearing a costume!

So she begged her Dad, "Please take me home so I can change, because I don't want to look weird!"

Then after I picked my daughter up at school she said only one girl wore a costume to school, and that girl said that she felt real uncomfortable too.

When headed home we noticed one of the house's down and around the corner from ours was selling pumkins, for one and two dollars. Well, heck! We had to get a couple of pumkins!

So my daughter and I picked out two medium sized ones, and he only chaged us for one. Last day of the great pumkin sell I guess? When we got home we carved them right away. Then when we finished we put candles in them, to light as soon as it was dark. I always carve the same old dorky scary face, that I have been carving into pumkins since I was in high school. My daughter did a kinda cool three faces thing. Each side had a different face or carving. Real interesting.

Then My daughter got into her trick or treating costume the Angel one, and off we went. I took her to 'the interactive haunted house' thing they were suppose to do today, and it was 5:30 and no one was there! Shoot! So we left to go trick or treating.

I would have liked to say this being my daughter's last year of trick or treating, that we had a blast, but. . . I can't. We went to an unfamiliar area, there are lots of new housing in Madera thse days, and we got lost in a cull-de-sack!

My daughter had desided she had enough candy and our feet hurt, so we started heading for the car. Then we couldn't find the car! We kept looking and looking, and went in the wrong direction!

Then I had this uncomfortable surreal feeling that the side walk was a tread mill, and the costumed kids and parents were revolving with the scenery. And we're passing by the same ones over and over again, and this part of the cull-de-sack would just go on forever! Yikes! Let me off this crazy thing!

Then we turned a corner and saw it! My car! What a beautiful sight!

I used my Magic button and clicked open the door lock, then I slid behind the wheel with a sigh!

My car seat never felt so good to my tired 44 year old butt!

Then my daughter said, "the heck with the 'haunted house' let's just go home!"

Sigh, my daughter is certainly growing-up!

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