Thursday, October 20, 2005

Lady Jan asks--Got bugs?

Last week we noticed that there was some water on the kitchen floor, so we tried to track it to see where it was coming from. We finally decided it was coming from the hot water heater. It's an old old house(a hundred years old) so somethings aren't were you'd expect them to be. So my hot water heater is next to our stove in the kitchen. My husband's kid-brother kindly helped us out, by bring our new hot water heater home in his truck.

What does this have to do with bugs you may well ask? Well. . . my brother-in-law had to go home right after bring our water heater to our house, and couldn't come back and help put the thing in for a few days. So when he did come back it was a signifying cooler day, then the day when they brought hot water heater home. So when my husband and his brother finally got the box with the water heater in in the house, and opened it up--all these bugs started pouring out! Apparently they had in-mass decided that the box was an excellent place to start their winter nap!

The good news--is the hot water heater is in, and works great!

The bad news is--now we have assorted collection of flying insects, flying around of an evening ramming in to the lights.

My personal favorite(read sarcasm here!) is what I refer to as 'the stanky bug'. They don't look like a typical stink bug, as they're a smaller and more flat-ish beetle, and they have a more cockroach appearce exempt black-ish, and with some Burgundy color on them. And here's the best part--they smell like dirty feet when you squish them.

I just had one in my hair and didn't realize it, and then when I ran my fingers through my hair--that pissed it off and it went 'phhsstt!' And now my hair smells like dirty feet.


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