Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Lady Jan's Blooming Pictures

The Almond blossoms have have all popped like popcorn with the spring like warmth, but before the storm that rolled in can reek havock and tore loose all the beautiful blossoms I took it upon myself to record their beauty for you before they are gone again. Here a country house that's framed by the snowy white blossoms of the neighboring almond trees.
A face in the clouds.
Can you see it?
My view as I drive my daughter to school.
It beautiful, but it's only there for a few days then it gone again till next year.
Killer Bees. . . . . .Okay I'm just joking.
Behold--Bee boxes without which there be no almonds to munch.
A creamy white row of blooms.
A whole almond tree.
Blooming branch against a stormy sky.
Too pretty to resist a close-up!


Granny said...

Beautiful. Ours aren't quite that full yet but I see more every day. The magnolias are blossoming too.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

We are just a little south of you so me may get a little bit warmer, so the Almonds have burst into bloom. Magnolias that sounds nice.
I'm gonna post my daffadills tomorrow.


Granny said...

I was so surprised when I moved here and saw all the magnolias. I associate them with the south.

Janice said...

Yes true, my grandmother who was from Tennesse (so was my dad) grew them.