Thursday, February 09, 2006

Lady Jan we had an odd 24 hours

We had an odd last 24 hours:

I got woke by the phone ringing at 4:00 in the morning. It rang and rang waking me from a very deep sleep, and when I woke up it had stopped. We have caller ID so I checked to see who it was that called ( I was worried it was a family emergency of some sort). And the caller ID didn't show that anyone had called. So I got woke up for nothing.

Then my
young Goth friend Called me to tell me her little finch that we helped her get--was dead. Death by ceiling fan as a matter of fact. Her dad has since gotten her a parakeet for a replacement pet.

Then my daughter called to be picked up early from school, and she sounded shaky on the phone. After I picked her up and after we past the half way point to our house, she told me that she had been in a fight at school. Just a quick fight behind the bathrooms and no one saw, but it was unsettling just the same.

Then today my daughter called again at 10:30 feeling sick to her stomach, and wanting to came home. Nerves I thought from the fight yesterday, but then she threw up, so maybe not.


Granny said...

Beautiful and I'm still impressed by the way we show up in tandem on other people's blogs. Maybe because we're in the same time zone?

Roger left a comment similar to yours. He said Fri end til the end.

Once we get out of town a little ways we see those same mountains.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

I love our mountains, and it was a clean day so I could see them, so of course I had to take the pictures.

Not just the same time zone, but we're probably also blogging at or near the same time.

Your Lady Jan~

Sarah Elaine said...

Never rains, but it pours, eh?

Janice said...

Yup! It was just one of those kind of days!