Monday, February 13, 2006

Lady Jan almost got on TV with this Letter!

I wrote this letter for a contest for channel 26 kmph news two years ago, and almost got interviewed for Valintines Day! But then my daughter got sick and started throwing up, and I had to cancel! My daughter felt guilty, but I told her she was a whole lot more important than being on TV!

Anyway here's my Letter!:

to: Great Day KMPH Ch. 26 News
5111 E. McKinley Ave.
Fresno Ca 93637

Contest: Secrets to a long lasting relationship.

Dear Great Day,

I and my husband have--in December-celebrated our twenty-fourth (26 years now!) wedding anniversary, so at almost a quarter of a century of marriage, I think I qualify to give some advice. So here it goes:

1. Communication is very important in a marriage--so keep talking (no nagging), even if he fakes being asleep. Some of it is bound to be getting through.

2. Don’t hold a grudge-chances are very good that he doesn’t remember what he did wrong anyway.

3. Learn to cook food he really likes--it’s true that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It is also true that when you’re on a diet, your husband probably doesn’t want to be on one too.

4. Hold hands--we still do. This is a great way to say “Yep, this is my guy, (or gal) and I’m not embarrassed to be seen in public with you.”

5. Date your spouse (or the one you’re with)--and call it a date. It really does keep the relationship fresh. This is my husband’s idea from the start of our marriage, and it’s a good one, all these’s years later we are still dating. And sometimes when we go some place special or romantic, I still get that tingle, and my husband says he does too.

You have my permission to use this on your show, thank you.

Sincerely, Janice


tina said...

Aw, Jan. I love it. This is definitely advice to remember.

Janice said...

Hi Tina,

I'm glad you liked it. I was trying for humorous but true, and it was some things that had actually happened in my own (married) life.

Lady Jan~

Granny said...

I gotway behind over here with one thing and another. Hi and I like your advice.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Aw, thank you.

I know you plate has been rather full of late with Ray being ill and taking care of the girls and all. And I do apprciate you taking time to dropping by and posting a comment.

Lady Jan~