Friday, February 17, 2006

How Lady Jan Celebrated Valentines

I bought my parents a large heart box of chocoates each, because my step-dad loves chocolates as much as my mom.

For my daughter I bought a small heart box of candy, a card, a heart pillow, and a wish pearl I bought from e-bay. Her wish pearl was peach which is means good health, and that is always good!

For my Goth friend I bought a small heart box of candy, and a puffy red glass heart choker I bought off e-bay. It finally came today.

For my husband I bought a Snoopy card, a snoopy stuffed doll, and a Mr. Good bar the last which I think is self explanatory.

I was given by my loving family; a diamond heart necklace from my husband, and my daughter gave me a great big heart tin with two layer of chocolates. Yum!

And tomorrow we are going to go to Red Lobster for a belated valentine's dinner, and yes for lobster! Another yum!

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