Monday, February 13, 2006

Lady Jan Wishes you a Happy Valentines day!

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Happy Valentines everybody!


grannyfiddler said...

happy V Day, lady Jan. coincidentally, one of my nicknames is 'lady Di' as my name is Diana. Only we say 'Loidy Doi' cockney style, as befits a classy broad such as myself.

White Trasherati said...

Thanks for dropping by - and I hope today is special for you! And that someone bakes for you : ) Happy V Day, Lady Jan.

Janice said...


And thank you both Lady Di, and Lady WT, and thank you both for dropping by.

I hope both of you have a special Valintines day today!

And Eat lots of chocolate!

Your Lady Jan~

Sarah Elaine said...

Happy V-Day to you!

Great photo in the post below, by the way.

Janice said...

Hi Sarah,

Happy V-day to you also.

Thank you on the picture, it was taken on our annaversery a couple of years ago. We have been married 26 years now.

Your Lady Jan~