Monday, February 06, 2006

Lady Jan--More On The Home Front

My daughter finally over the flu and went back to school today, but now has a mountain of homework and make-up homework today. But she is determined to finished it all.

young Goth friend come over again to help me with more house work, and amazingly we are getting things in some kind of order. Tomorrow more raking of leaves alas.

I got the income tax done today, and we are going to have a couple nice checks. My husband has very graciously going to let me have both checks to do with as I please. Which is very generous of him. And it pleases me to pay off a couple of bills.

And an update on my Goth friend; she did yet more burning on her arm which I doctored today, and I think some of it is infected. So once again I talked to her about stopping this self-injury stuff, and respecting her body. Not in that way of course. Cross your finger and pray for her please, as she said she'd make a real effort to try to stop!


tina said...

Sounds like she needs some real help, Jan. It's wonderful of you to doctor her wounds but the psychological damage runs very deep, from the sound of things. I know depression...and I'm keeping her in my thoughts.

Janice said...

Hi Tina,

Thank you Tina I aprisiate that. And yes she does need help, and her dad is trying to find the right psychiatrist who is
experianced in self-injury. I wish he had found him or her already.

All I can do is listen, and talk to my young Goth friend about not doing this anymore. I have look I.S. on the internet, and shared what I found with her. And it might be helping she hasn't cut or burned herself in two nights!(nights are the hardest for her) I was so proud of her that I bought her, her favoite treat sushi!


Granny said...

I'll keep hoping it gets better for her.

I wish there were more I could do.

Janice said...

Hi Ann,

Just showing an intrest and letting her know you care, is a big help.

The good news is she does have an appointment with a psychiatrist today! And tomorrow she'll tell me how it went.