Sunday, February 19, 2006

Lady Jan says "Yuck! Ick! Phut, Phut, Phut!"

My husband hadn't touched his giant Mr. Good bar, and I had to open my big mouth and say "Are you ever gonna get that?" And he said "You can have it."

I held off a couple of days and today I didn't feel good and I was tired, and thought I need a chocolate fix. So I got into his candy bar and I was watching Reba and it was funny. Before I knew it I had ate about half the candy bar, and I looked down then noticed the candy bar was crawling with worms!

WORMS! Yuck! Ick! Phut, phut, phut!

Say it with me, "EW!"

I had wondered why there was chocolate gravel in the wrapper! The worms were after the peanuts in the candy bar, and they were the kind that turn into small moths that get into your stuff in your pantry.

Now I have a tummy ache!


Granny said...

Oh yuck. We have an outgoing battle with roaches and sometimes it seems like they are winning. We drive them out and the neighbors drive them right back.

Everything is sealed and it isn't anything we're doing wrong. It's an old house and I think we'd have to burn it to the ground to lose them. Even then they'd probably survive.

I hate them.

How's your weather? We finally got our cold snap and since we're right next door I imagine you're shivering as well.

tina said...


Janice said...



Heh, heh. I couldn't agree more!


My house is around a hundred years old, and yep I think my house and yours has the same problems--BUGS!

As for the cold, well I am wearing a sweater as I type this and we have been running the heater day and night!

Baby it's cold out there!

Your Lady Jan~

Sarah Elaine said...


One thing I do like about living in Canada is that it is too freaking cold for a lot of critters!

Mind you... I once left a chocolate bar on my desk at work and the next day, I'd seen that the mice had been at it... They tend to come indoors for the winter... If only we were allowed to have office cats...

Janice said...

Hi Sarah,

Yeah, well, my husband can't stand the cold so moving to a colder climent is out of the question, even though I keep threatening to move to Mariposa (which isn't that much cooler).

As for the cats which sounds like a good idea; but I think that cats inside get lazy and then you'd have the problem of the cats trying to get at the donuts, and laying on the key board wanting attention when your trying type.

Your Lady Jan~

White Trasherati said...

Lady Jan, I threw up in my mouth a little bit after reading that. Blargh.

Quick, drink some good wine - the alcohol will kill the larvae!

Janice said...

Oh sorry WT,

I hope no else did that! It was really gross, but I only got a upset stomach out of it and that was probably just from the shock of looking at them all over my chocolate bar. Let me tell you it's turned me off of chocolate for a while.

I don't drink, but I think my stomach acid did the trick on the little buggers. They were small after all.

Your Lady Jan~