Friday, November 26, 2004

Lady Jan gives thanks

I would like to give thanks, for all that I have and all that whom I love:

I give thanks to to God for;
My husband--for being there for me, when things get rough, and being the soul bread winner, and that must be tuff.
My beautiful daughter--who is sweet and funny, with a quirky personality, that I love so much.
My Mom--who is always ready to help, even tho she is not physically able to anymore.
My step-dad--so my Mom's not alone. I love him too, He's very sweet.
My brother--even tho I only speak to him a few times a year, and that he has beat the odds and survived the leukemia that treatened to take his life thirteen years ago!
My Nephew--I love him like he is mine own son, and I wish only the best for him.

And I am Thankful for the roof over my head, having enough food to eat, so I never have to go hungry exempt if I am on a diet.
And having enough money to pay our bills.
And that we are in good health.

Now The Biggie; I am not only Thankful, but also grateful!
That my only sister Deanna, is still alive!
She has Leukemia, and it's been a year this month November, that she had her bone marrow transplant! We are still waiting to hear about the last test, a bone marrow biopsy. I pray that it's good news.

I just heard on Saturday! Hurray! The bone marrow was okay!

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