Monday, November 01, 2004

Halloween--is over! And--tomorrow--we Vote.

Well my daughter is better. And we went trick or treating yesterday, and had a lot of fun. I made my daughter wear a hat with the Cat ears on top, and wear a knitted poncho over her Cat out-fit. And then I used my eye liner, and some black lip stick to give her a cat face, and she looked pretty good, too! Then she put on those big paws house slippers, and she had the pants with the tail sewn on. My daughter actually sewed it on herself, and did a good job.
She got a lot of compliments on her out-fit too!

We went to a new housing development, there's a lot of those going up here in Madera. And we had to walk a long way, because there wasn't very many house with people living in them as yet. And a lot of empty areas in-between. We both got exercise, and my daughter got candy. I got to look at a lot of good looking houses.

I get my fix that way! I'm a closet house voyeur.

Now that Halloween is over I have to get down, and put away all my decorations. Then I have to find all my Turkey day stuff and put that out.

Now I got to start thinking about Thanksgiving! Nuts!

Tomorrow is voting Day! Lets get our voices heard the American way! Get out there and Vote! That way, you have the right to gripe!

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