Saturday, October 30, 2004

Happy Halloween Everybody!

Remember; to set back your clocks tomorrow, Fall back everybody!

I don't know yet, if I'm gonna take my daughter 'trick or treating'. She's got a virus, I took her to the Doctor, and that's what he said she had, he also said he didn't think it was serious. I got the cough syrup that he prescribed, but my daughter says it tastes terrible--YUCK! Every time I give it to her. I just tell her, it tasted worse when I was little. I don't think she believes me though! When I was little, well lets just say it was along time ago, and leave it at that! Some of the meds where still a little primitive, and you still got the occational shot in the butt! If the Doc thought you needed it!

I hope she is better for Halloween, I can use the exercise! I hope it's not foggy!
Aw! The cold, the darkness, with a few headlights and porch lights to see by. And the smell of lit jack-o-lanters to perfume the air! I'm gonna miss it, when she is too old to go 'trick or treating' anymore, which will be any year now!

Well, the Black Cat costume is ready, if she feels better! And she's a little better today. Poor kid, I know she hates being sick,I hate being sick too! I rather keep her home and warm, then get out there and get a chill and get more sick!

I hope, there is a lot of scary movies on TV tomorrow, good ones anyway! My daughter says their funny!? I didn't like them when I was a kid. But, the last few years she has started to love them. Go figure! Kids are never what you expect! And their always surprising you!

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