Sunday, October 24, 2004

My daughter is driving me crazy!

My daughter is thirteen years old, and is in the seventh grade. That's enough to drive anyone around the bend!

My daughter, was going go the school Holloween dance this year. And at first she wanted to be an Angel, I spent $40.00 on a nice pair of real feathered Angel wings! But, she thought because there so nice, something might happen to them at school.

So, now she wants to be a Cat!

I said O.K. (deep sigh) only if we can do it for not so much money! I'm in the hole for $40!
"Well", she says "I still had the tail from a few years ago." And no she wasn't a cat then exactly, she was "Sakura Card Capture", who had a lot of costume changes in the show(cartoon)! One of my daughters faves, was kinda kitty in a dress costume, she (Sakura) wore on the show at lest once! Which yours truly made by hand, for my daughter!

Well, the tail was a start!

Then came black pants; I rationalized buying these by saying I'll whip stich the tail on, then when Halloween's over I can easily take the tail off and she got another pair of pants to wear.

Then she and I found house slippers big paws; and "Awww! Can I have these, for the Cat costume?"
"Well", I said "seeing you grew so much over the summer, I guess you do need new house slippers."

Then a black sweater. There we got lucky, we found one at Dollar tree for a buck!

The ears, my husband and my daughter found at Rit Aid for a couple of dollars.

Then I said "you know what your costume needs? A bell Cat collar!" So we went to the Halloween super store, that was my stupid idea!

If you never heard of it, it's one of those stores that pop up a month or so, before Halloween and have every costume on the market.

There we found Cat eye glasses, every self-respecting Cat has to have a pair!
And Cat claw gloves! And yes finally the Cat bell collar!
Then when we got home and my daughter opened the package, one of the bells fell off!
Figures! It's not refundable either! Oh, well! I guess I'll just glue gun it on!

Then after all that! I find out that the school isn't even gonna have a Halloween dance! Because there isn't enough money for it!

Well, there might be a costume contest, I guess that would be better, esecially after all the money I spent!


Anonymous said...

My daughter is my first child and she is 9. She drives me crazy. She is careless about everything, drops things where they drop and walks away, she dirties everything; she rips everything aparts and NEVER follows up. Imagine her room; imagine the bathroom after she comes out. I cannot take it. She seems to either think of no one but herself, or just does not think at all.

I dont want to start disliking my daughter, but I am TIRED of talking.


Janice said...


I'm sorry your having so much problems with your daughter. Have you had her check for ADHD? It might explain her lack of follow through, and her distraction.

The only thing that I can suggest is keep talking, and make eye contact; it's when they roll their eyes and look away that they are not listening anymore.

There are some excellent parent group web sites, you could try one out and see if maybe communicating with other parents with simular problems to yours helps.

I hope one of my suggest help you, and please don't give up on your daughter our children are our most presious gifts.

Lady Jan~