Monday, December 06, 2004

Lady Jan--on gum chewing

I used to love to chew gum. I could chew the same stick of gum for hours.

One of my sister's friends said, "All that gum chewing, will cause you to have over developed jaw muscles, and give you a square jaw."
(I was about twelve at the time.)

Then when I did develop square jaw(well, we can't all be perfect ovals) she tried to say she was "right!" I laughed, and then I pointed out, "Lots of my family members, have the same square shape, including my Dad. Also having a square jaw, was not the end of the world!"

So whoop de do!

When I was even younger; I had noticed that my Mom, was popping her gum as she chewed.

Then I asked her, "Mom, how can you pop your gum, with-out blowing a bubble?"

She answered, "I'm not gonna teach you how to do that! It's a bad habit!
And an annoying one, at that!"

Ah ha! I sensed a challenge, in my adolescent mind!

I worked, and worked on how to do it! I would watch my Mom, when she was chewing her gum. She would look at me from the corner of her eye and tell me,
"Stop that! I know what your up to!"

And then, I made a brake-through! I folded over my gum, and crunched down on the trapped air caught in the gum! Pop! I was delighted! I figured it out! Pop! I popped my gum in triumph!


And soon there after, I was busily annoyed every adult with-in hearing range!

Pop! I guess it is really annoying! Pop!
But, I can't stop now! It a habit!

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