Thursday, December 09, 2004

Lady Jan--sees an accident

This morning as I was taking my husband to work, and we came across a accident. The CHP, had just gotten there, and apparently someone didn't stop at the stop sign. And it is only a two way stop, and not a four way stop!

This great big half ton truck had penned a camero to a cement stand pipe (it's one of those big cement things that the farmers use to irrigate their fields with). And it could have been a lot worse, than the driver bing penned inside. He was penned in a way that he couldn't get out of the camero, not you know penned the really bad life threatening way. We looked at him through the mostly intact wind shield and he looked right back, and he didn't looked in shock or anything. He just looked kinda pissed! Like "Damn, now I'm really late for work!" And then he tried to look at the CHP, over the big truck pinning him like, "Can some one get this truck off me, so I can get out now!"

Anyway, I guess one of them was in a awful hurry, and just didn't think they had to stop at the bright red sign that read--STOP!

I'm sorry but, this is one of my pet peeves! So I'm gonna "Peeve" away!

Stop sign are for you and for me! I stop at stop signs, and I notice when I do sometimes the other car will take my turn! Dang it! I'm not stopping so you, and your lazy butt can take my turn! I'm stopping because it's the law!

The stop signs are for everyone, not for everyone else but....
1. New cars
2. Expensive cars
3. Old cars you don't give a crap about!
4. Big trucks
5. Big new trucks
6. Big trucks you don't care about!
7. People driving Cameros
8. Important people
9. Rich people
10. Poor people
11. People on a date!
12. Angry people, that are driving to cool off, and shouldn't be!
12. People in a hurry!
13. People late for work!
14. People who think the laws, are not for them!

When one of these people, met up with another one of these people; we have an accident!

I hope you are not one of these!

P.S. the colored words are not links. I was just having fun with the colors, so don't click on them they wont take you anywhere. I'm sorry if that was confusing, as I didn't mean it to be.

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