Friday, December 31, 2004

Lady Jan--Wishes you a Happy New Year!

Hello again! And Happy New Year!

Here I set, as then old year draws to a close, instead of going out and partying like everyone else......Me and my small family are going to set this one out!

Oh well! I don't drink, and I'm sick anyway.

I have a nasty cold or virus, I don't think it's the flu--no fever. Ick! I feel and look terrible!

The following is why I don't go to New Year Eve parties anymore.


The last time we went to a New Years Eve Party was a few years ago: We use to go to a certain Latino-family we knew; I guess I should say at this point that I'm white woman married to a tall handsome Mexican man, and we have a beautiful daughter who is half white and half Latino. We have friends that are all different nationalities. Anyway we had been friends for about fifteen years with this family, and had sort of adopted each other's kids.

But every year I was growing more and more appalled, at the how increasingly more drunk everyone was getting, at these parties. And how increasingly young the drinkers were getting. And I was thinking maybe we shouldn't go anymore, because for one thing it wasn't good to expose our daughter to this sort of thing.

Anyway the last time we went; It was awful--Usually I play cut-throat rummy with Nell and her Mom, and anyone else who want to play. We usually have a lot of fun joking and laughing, and making bad joke at our husbands expense, then they (the men)come over and play act like we hurt their feelings.

But I was due for a disappointment! After when we got there, my friend Nell was doing shots with a relative from Hollister, and asked me to join them. I declined, as I don't really drink, I just sip a little wine or champaine not much, maybe a glass or two to welcome in the new year. I really don't care for it. I don't like the taste of most alcoholic beverages, and I don't enjoy the buzz or fuzzy feeling you get from a few drinks.

So, I went out-side to talk to one of the adult kids, (I'll just call him H here), who was like my own nephew, and I enjoy talking to him. While we were talking--this other young person was trying to get sick by a tree. He was already drunk before he got there with his parents, and I think he was about fifteen. His spitting great amounts of spit, and it was nauseating me, and before I thought about it--I said something to H, about "the sound of spitting, was making me sick." But I didn't think I spoke very loud, as I have a very soft voice. But I was over heard by the spitter who took offense, and told me loudly to "f**k off!" or maybe it was "F**k you!" I didn't realize at first, that he was even speaking to me, that why I didn't get mad and say something back. I just looked blankly at H, thinking as I did who's he yelling at? as he was a cousin to the spitter, and he told him, "Hey dude, we have small kids, and family around here so watch your mouth!" Then I realized it was the booze talking, and I just tried to ignore him.

Nell came out after that, to smoke a ciggie, and talk to me for a couple of minutes. Then she accused the spitter of "trying to rape her tree." Huh? I looked around at the spitter. He had wrapped his arms around the tree, not in a armous way, but in what appeared to be a vain attempt to fight the laws of gravity. Then Nell went back inside, But the spitter kept spitting, and cursing, (not at me this time), as his knees slowly descended to earth.
Finally I couldn't stand him or the cold anymore, and I excused myself then went inside!

To find the my friend--the Hostess--completely! And it wasn't anywhere near midnight!

My husband was sitting next to Nell's sulking husband, who was just sitting hunched over and channel surfing. He was mad at Nell for drinking so much. My husband, was trying to get him to change the TV, to the sci-fi channel. And everytime they did, there was a rousing chorus from around the room of "No, no, no, no!" Then Nell's sister-in-law showed up late, and I usually get along quite well with her but she was mad at her husband, and was in a fine pout herself(she left her husband after that night.)

Nell amused everyone, by saying "everyone with a fat arse, should stand up and dance." Then she proceeded to point out everyone in the room "with a fat arse", including yours truly. She stood up to show us how we were suppose to dance, and then couldn't stand up. So her husband put her to bed. Then the life went right out of the party! That left uncommunicative adults, and a bunch of teens I didn't know.

Usually I get along quite well with young people, but not this time! I think, that's when I got the bad vibe or an impression, that they had no tolerance for a 40-ish, plump-ish, white-ish woman in there mid-est.

I'd heard something--I know a few Spanish words, enough to know when I'm being made fun of, and look around and they'd start laughing....not the host's kids, but these out of town cousins of theirs. And with no one for me to talk to--especially with my friend passed-out--and everyone getting increasingly more, and more drunk--and mean--or moody, there was just no reason to stay! Even my then ten year old daughter came over and sat by me, and complained she couldn't get anyone to play with her.

As soon as it was polite to--we left! On the way out we passed H, trying to drag the semi-comatose cousin (aka the spitter) into the house. Apparently when he was sitting outside earlier to keep an eye on him. And then he warned us "not to go near the tree!" It seemed the spitter's cursing and spitting, had not kept his stomach content in. In other words he hurled! Big time! We said "Ew! Yuck!" then I said, "I hoped he (the spitter)didn't have alcohol poisoning." H said, "I Hope he dosen't either," then we drove home.

And that's the last New Years Eve party, that I have gone to! At this point I have no inclination to go to another!

Well, I didn't mean to be a downer at New Years!
I hope you, and everyone out there has a good, and safe time!

Happy New Years!

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