Saturday, October 07, 2006

Lady Jan's daughter fit!

I didn't mention this earlier but my daughter is off the tennis team, she couldn't move fast enough for the coach. She had gotten sick with a nasty bug, had barley covered then was back trying to run laps and trying hard just to hit the damn ball. SO he dropped her from the team--so we are calling it a bad fit (ha ha I had you going there didn't I?). But my husband read an article that stated that the coach was bad mouthing his players, so who had a fit?

So now she is a member of two clubs, a school club that is managed and supervised by a teacher, and that's the Karate club and I'm so excited to announce that my daughter has just been made treasure--now that is a good fit indeed!

The other club is one some students on there own started, and it is the Naruto fan club. Naruto (if I am spelling it right?) is a very clean Japanese animae cartoon that runs on a cable net work, and the kids are fans of course. Tonight's meeting involved meeting at round table pizza, then going to some place to play computer games that was just down the block. It actually just sounds like an excuse and hang out to me. But the kids seems nice enough at least.

But at least it's another good fit for my daughter.


LittleJen said...

to be a Teen again... passs was hard enough going through it at the

Jeanette said...

Firstly thank you for your kind words they were very much appeciated.

Oh those teen years

Anonymous said...

Two clubs is lots. Congrats to her on becoming treasurer!

Gwen said...

Hi Jan.
Had a great trip, good to catch up with the kids again.
Thanks for your visit while I was away. Keep well.
P.S. Sound like your daughter will
"FIT" in nicly.

Granny said...

Nothing wrong with a little fun once in a while.

Turtle Guy said...

Did I mention I have a lack of depth-preception? Count me out when it comes to ball sports, please!

Janice said...

Hi Little Jen,

I'm with you!

Hi Jeanette,

Your very welcome.

Hi Madcap,

We're seeing how she does, if she can keep it up fine, if not she may have to drop one.

Hi Gwen,

Oh good it sounds like you had a nice trip.

Yes it does seem to be a good "fit" so far.

Hi Ann,

Yeah, the right kind of fun, so far so good.

Hi Dave,

Well, ball sports are not for everyone, some people excell and some people can't so we find something more to our liking.In cluding me.

Your Lady Jan~

Turtle Guy said...

I have a friend who's particularly good at ball sports. On a camping trip with the boy scouts one weekend he said,

"See the knot in that tree over there? this..."

The tree was some 50 feet away, the knot many of us had to squint to see!

He picked up a small hatchet, whipped it toward the tree, and wouldn't you know it, bang on!

I do much better with words.

Janice said...

Hi Dave,

All I got to say to that one is "Wow!" and me too (the word part I mean).

Lady Jan~