Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Lady Jan's dog has a birthday!

Okay yeah, that sounds dumb doesn't it?

No, I'm not one of those blogger that celebrate their pets birthday on their blog, but this is a mile stone birthday of sorts for our old dog!

This is our Dog Mitzi and she's nineteen!

That's gosh darn old for a doggie!

Well as of yesterday October 23, but my phone lines where acting flunky so I couldn't blog last night like I would have done to post this.

So here I'm doing it a day late, but shh don't tell her I forgot. But then again she probably doesn't know she is that old anyway? And the neat this is we have had her since she was six weeks old puppy, and she is a cocker spaniel in case you were wondering.

She has had her health problems though; she had a breast removed because she had breast cancer, and she got lost one time being let out to go potty and couldn't find her way back for six days with us going nuts trying to find her. Then she shows up and my mom's house and she had gotten bitten on the face by a coyote! She had a big hole in her face, that took a while to heal up and you could see the membrane in her sinuses through it. And one of her eyes slowly shrunk from the bite from the top tooth, and the eye might be MIA now because I'm too chicken to look for it.

Other than that she has trouble getting around because she had arthritis in her hips, and we have to carry her down the steps so she can go outside and go potty. At least she doesn't wonder off now. And she also cannot get up and get all comfortable on my furniture like she use to, like in this photo that was taken a while ago.

So Happy nineteen Mitzi, you are the oldest pet that I have ever had.

(Well unless you count the tortise I had as a child, and no telling how old he was.)


Lee said...

Happy Birthday, Mitzi...you good old gal! :)

She certainly is an elder, isn't Janice...dear little soul. I used to have a black and white/grey cocker spaniel...Missy was her name and she was great fun...a real madam!

She's had her share of ups and downs to by the sounds of it, but managed to beat all odds.

We get so attached to our pets...they are so much a part of our lives. I know my two cats are...spoilt rotten, both of them! That's why you have pets, I believe...let them think you're boss...aha!

Jeanette said...

Happy Birthday Mitzi She looks a dear old Girl.Sounds like she been (through the Mill)an Aussie saying) with her health problems.
WE had a Border collie x lived 16 years ohh we missed her when she passed away.
Take care

Gwen said...

Hi Janice...Thanks for your visit,
glad you had L.O.L.
Wish "Mitzi" a happy birthday great
photo of her,doing what a girl of her age should do.
Keep Well till we talk again

Granny said...

Two comments in one.

Happy Birthday to Mitzi. 19 is wonderful for a dog.

And belated Happy Blogiversary to you!!

Fun isn't it.

Janice said...

Hi Lee,

I think your right, and makes us feel good to spoil them so,

Hi Jeannette,

Yes she has been through the mill, and we use that saying here too sometimes. I also forgot to mention that she is blind in her remaining eye, the poor old thing has cataracts. Actually she was born with inmature cataracts, because her mom was old and over breed.

Hi Gwen,

Your right there, and that's all that she does do is sleep, eat and poop, just like a baby. And my daughter and I keep threatening to put diapers on her like a baby too!

Hi Ann,

Thank you, and I'll tell Mitzi if she is awake to hear it.

And thank you, and yes it has been a great deal of fun and an interesting learning curve.

Lady Jan~