Thursday, August 13, 2015

Back Pain

My back hurt really bad yesterday. I moved some boxes and it went out again. It was one of those can't walk, lie down or breath without it hurting backaches. And hubby and I had some errands to run. Thank goodness my husband drove, because I don't think I could. I had to hang onto my husband's arm just to walk.

Uh, pain.

After the last errand, hubby wanted to get us both a smoothly at the mall. I suggest we have a massage while we're there, maybe it'll help my back.
Well, we couldn't find them. The massage place had been replaced by massage chairs. So I had a massage in one for five dollars. My husband went shopping while I tried to relax. He talked to the store clerk and she told him where the massage people moved to. OMG, we walked right past them.
*eye roll*

So both of us had a massage. I told my masseuse where it hurt and he did his best. Still hurt when he was done, but I was more relaxed and he did get some places to slip back in. This morning my husband wanted me to bend down and look at a patch of wood in the knee hole of my desk that had gotten pushed out. I thought I'd do something bad to my back, but instead bending down was the best thing I could do. 

The spot on my back that had been giving me fits slipped right back into place as easy as you please.

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